You Ask, and I Shall Answer

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Welcome to the Q&A chapter, my beautiful Y/Ns!! So it turns out a lot of my readers are actually shy (uwu) and PMed me their questions instead of commenting on the section, but that's okay!! I will answer all of the questions I have received in the comments of that section as well as the ones I received in my PMs.
If you're not interested in seeing this you can skip this chapter. Thank you to everyone who asked questions! (you can also leave more questions in the comment section of the previous chapter or this chapter and I will still answer!)
Edit: Since this chapter is running longer than I expected, I'll only be going up to 15 questions for this chapter, and I'll reply to the rest through PMs or comments. ☺️

1.) Is there any character you really like as Y/N's love interest?
I don't really have a specific character, but I'd say the easiest to pair Y/N with is either Todoroki, Midoriya, Shinsou, Kirishima, or maybe even Bakugou. This is mainly because they had the "most" interactions with Y/N in the original story, so I found it easier to write off of what was given. However, I started adding more characters as choices so that there is a wide variety of characters to choose from as a love interest. This also brings up the love interest endings and how I'd like to apologize in advance that some of them may be messy because of the few interactions some of these characters have had with Y/N.

2.) When is your birthday?
May 10! How about you guys?

3.) How are you so good at writing?
Honestly, you're just flattering me too much. I'm not that great, but I appreciate the compliment. 🥺

4.) Since your book featured cameos of some of the Haikyuu characters, what are their quirks?
(Reminder of which Haikyuu characters cameoed in this book; Mattsun, Makki, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Tsukki, Yamaguchi, Hinata, Kageyama, Daichi, and Ushijima even though he was only mentioned)
I'll put it in a list format so it's easier to read;
Mattsun: quicksand (he can make any surface area into a puddle of quicksand; idk if you guys remember, but there was a small section in one of the chapters wherein Y/N was watching TV and there was a small mention of his quirk in there)
Makki: telepathic imagery (it's basically like telepathy but instead of exchanging thoughts, he exchanged pictures and honestly, he's really just sending memes to Mattsun through his head during class; this was inspired by one of my reader's comments,, shoutout to whoever that was, I'm sorry I can't remember 🥺)
Oikawa: Bone meal (he can "liquify" his bones and send the liquified parts to other areas of his body to make a certain limb or body part stronger or longer; he once used his quirk during a school health/body examination to make himself taller, but it strained his knee, and Iwaizumi makes fun of him for it every once in awhile)
Iwaizumi: thermometer (he can steal the energy created between the atoms and molecules in your body, which in other terms mean he can steal your warmth when he's cold,, he can also do the opposite and give you the heat energy created between the atoms and molecules in his body and transfer it to yours and make you warmer; he sometimes unconsciously uses his quirk when arguing with Oikawa, which is why Oikawa always gets the chills)
Tsukki: microscope (his quirk basically allows him to see things at an atomic level if he wanted to, literally like a microscope, but he used his quirk a lot when he was little because he thought it was cool, which led to him getting glasses because of eye-strain)
Yamaguchi: heartstrings (his heart is literally like a stringed instrument, meaning he can recreate the sound of any stringed instrument with 100% accuracy; now you know he can go to karaoke and bust out an instrumental piece and absolutely kill it 😤)
Hinata: moon shoes (we already know Hinata can jump but with his quirk activated, he's basically blasting off; he pushed all of the gravity underneath him away in order to jump higher, however when he pushed away the gravity underneath him, it causes a bit of a wave that may even cause the people around him to fall)
Kageyama: glowstick (literally just crack some area of his body and that area will glow 💀; but he drinks milk to keep his skin healthy so that whenever he uses his quirk, it'll be bright enough to blind someone just in case)
Daichi: bulletproof (that's it. He's bulletproof.)
Ushijima: photosynthesis (whenever he forgets to eat or doesn't have time, he'll usually just sit in the sun for about five minutes and create his own energy from the sun like how plants do during photosynthesis! If you ask him what the sun tastes like, his answer will most-likely be "sweet air.")

5.) The comments on chapter 36 were CRAZY mad over how All Might said it was illegal for Y/N to have done what she did. Did you do this on purpose?
If you mean make All Might say it was illegal, then yes. This means that even though Y/N has frustratedly announced multiple times that she's quirkless, there are still lots of people that don't believe her, mostly the teachers, because of the strength she displays; meaning, they're still suspicious if she actually has a quirk or not since her strength is, in lack of a better term, unrealistic for a quirkless person. And being the evil person I am, I made him say that one line so that the readers would feel the same frustration Y/N lowkey feels in the story every time she has to explain herself. I tried making the readers one step closer to actually feeling like Y/N by making emotions stir up in them.

6.) Does All for One actually know Y/N's parents?
Nope! I just included that for the comedy.

7.) What happened with Y/N and the watermelon?
I'll leave that up to your imagination.

8.) Why does everyone in U.A. have a uniform kink?
Because why not?

9.) Do you like NCT?
Yes, I do! In fact, my pfp is Jisung. ^^

10.) Who's your favorite BNHA character?
It's hard to only pick one, but my top favorites are Iida, Nejire, Amajiki, Kendo, and Shoji.

11.) I'm so glad to have found another A3 player! Who's your favorite member of each troupe?
Another hard question because I love them all. 🥺
But as of right now, I'd say Tsuzuru, Tenma, Banri, and Homare.

12.) What's your favorite anime out of the "ultimate greats"?
YuYu Hakusho 😼

13.) Do you read shojo manga? And if so, what are your favorites?
I do read shojo manga, but there was this one period in my life where I only read shounen manga because I was in my angsty emo phase. 💀
But my favorite shojo mangas right now are Orange, Blue Flag (if that counts), and I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

14.) If you read shounen manga, what are your favorites?
Right now, it's Jujutsu Kaisen, Bungou Stray Dogs, and Mob Psycho 100.

15.) Why is Y/N so clueless?
It is one of the traits included to capture the
               ✨Saitama essence✨
within her since this is a One Punch Man x BNHA crossover book lol.

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