36 || Class 1-A

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  "I'm so proud of you!" One of Shinsou's friends trapped both the purple-haired boy and Y/N into a hug as he cried his heart out, feeling like a mom sending off her child to college. Somehow, word that Y/N was transferring to Class 1-A spread like wildfire in the 1-C dorms, causing everyone to gather in the common room to bid their friend farewell no matter how early in the morning it was.

  "We're going to miss you so much!" Another student joined the hug. More body heat transferred between them as more students joined the group hug.

  "Feel free to visit the dorms any time. Don't avoid us now that you're in the hero course, okay?"

  "Eh? Of course. Why would I avoid you?" They laughed at Y/N's obliviousness. Shinsou was both sad that she was leaving 1-C but also happy that her power was recognized. Sure he could be jealous, but he wasn't because he knew he'd catch up soon. And how could he be jealous right now? She was one of his close friends that he was proud and happy for.

  The entirety of class 1-C waved off the former general-ed student as the girl waved back while walking outside to gather the last box of her remaining belongings. Shinsou tagged along, as his friends had pushed him to walk her to her knew dorm. Tap. Tap. Tap. The bottom of four shoes tapped against the pavement. Only a few more foot-taps away from the 1-A dormitory.

"Congratulations, Y/N." Shinsou spoke up.

"Oh, thanks. I'm sad that we won't be in the same class anymore, though. I really thought you'd be transferring with me since All Might said Mr. Aizawa was already taking care of you." Shinsou laughed, rubbing the back of his neck as soon as he heard the name of Class 1-A's homeroom teacher.

"Don't worry... I'll be with you soon." A slight smile imprinted itself onto the boy. "I haven't told anyone this yet, but I'm going to be able to transfer to the hero course in my second year."

Two teenagers continued their walk silently in the chilly morning air, sun still not awake. The presence of one another was comforting. A sense of familiarity surrounded the two as they became comfortable with each other. What was once just a classmate became a friend. A friend that Y/N was glad to have, and a friend that Y/N would gladly be waiting for to train and fight beside him.



  "I'll be waiting for you."


  "Everybody!!!" Ashido Mina came sliding into the classroom full of U.A.'s top first-year heroes. "I think we're getting a new student today!"


  "Oh how exciting!"

  "I wonder if it's a girl." Mineta drooled, earning a plug to the head by Jirou.

  "I think it might be a guy. I saw an empty cardboard box in front of one of the vacant bedrooms on the third floor." Ojiro announced.

  "No way! It has to be a girl! The door to the bedroom next to mine was closed. It's always been open ever since we moved in." Hakagure says, Mineta's ears perking at this.

  "But if we have a new student, wouldn't we have seen them in the dorms this morning?"

  "True, but maybe we just didn't catch them."

  "That could be a possibility, but it's hard to miss a new face in the dorms."

  "EVERYONE TAKE YOUR SEATS!! ALTHOUGH ORIENTATION JUST ENDED, CLASS WILL BE STARTING SOON AND MR. AIZAWA IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE!!" Iida chops the air with his arms fully extended to gain everyone's attention. Seeing as everyone took their seats, Iida himself proceeded to advance to his own desk.

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