Midoriya Izuku; Trashed Beach

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  Wriggle, wriggle. Tiny grains of sand clung onto the bottom of her feet, some sneaking in between her toes. She hadn't been to the beach in so long that she forgot how refreshing it felt to be there. She took a nice big whiff of the air, the scent of the ocean being picked up.

  "Okay, back to work." Y/N heaved the refrigerator over her shoulder and set it down by where the other pieces of junk were. Midoriya pulled a large piece of scrap metal to the pile and let go of the rope that was helping drag it across the sand. He was thankful for the early training All Might gave him.

  "Midoriya," She called the sweaty boy's attention. "Do you think these still work?" Y/N held up a dusty portable stove and a slightly new-looking mini fridge.

  "Uhm," Midoriya scratched the back of his neck with an awkward smile. "Maybe not? We'll just set it aside for now so that the recyclers can sort through it."

  "Okay." She continued to mumble about the many 'treasurable finds' she dug up and dragged during their small cleanup, mostly wondering if they were still usable and how she could fix them up. Restoring that big refrigerator AND mini fridge would cost less money than buying brand new ones— was what she thought. Don't forget about the portable stove.

  Midoriya watched her earnestly sorting the metals into different sections, a non-awkward smile not-so-discreetly making its way onto his face. She really was adorable. His eyes were fixated on her, slowly zooming out to the background behind her, then traveling to the alleyway where the crab incident happened. He, now for sure, knew it was her who had taken the villain out. His mind wandered from the incident to when she first met him. It was right here at this very beach.

  "Hey, Y/N?" He called out to her for no reason in particular. He just felt like saying her name. However, now wasn't a bad time to share his reminiscence of their first meeting.


  "Do you remember the first time we met?"

"Of course I do! You were working so hard that I couldn't help but give you a small piece of encouragement. You reminded me so much of myself when I first started training." She smiled warmly at him.

"Being here really does make me nostalgic."

"Me too. You work just as hard as you did when I first saw you. Also," Y/N loudly exclaimed while stamping the side of her fist to her palm. "You're just as sweaty now as you were back then, hehe."

Ears red. Cheeks red. Whole face red. Oh man, what a statement. Conscious, Midoriya jumped and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"I'm just messing with you, don't worry about it. You're still cute even if you're a wet and sticky mess." Y/N laughed; Midoriya blushed even more– wait did she call him cute?

"I'm cute..?" Midoriya points to himself.

"Well, yeah, that's what I just said–"

"I think you're really cute too." His sudden burst of confidence slowly died down after saying that, embarrassment evilly creeping back up on him. Undoubtedly, however, he wanted to keep going.

"Oh," Y/N was at a loss for words. She felt her cheeks tingling a bit, ears feeling hot.

"You're also really hardworking. And friendly. And kind. And strong. And will-powered. I love all of those things about you." Midoriya's gaze slowly dropped down to the sand from her eyes, his confidence meter running low. He grabbed the sides of his shorts to calm himself down.

"Y/N," Finally, he gulped and mustered up all of the courage in his body to say those words he's been wanting to blurt out. "I really like you."

An antagonizing moment of silence was followed by a slight chuckle. It was a long pause after the boy's confession, but it was soon to be rewarded by the receiver of his heartfelt words.

"Thank you, Midoriya." Steps were being made towards him. He felt warm hands touch both sides of his face, lifting it upwards to come face-to-face with a happy Y/N. A happy Y/N is the best Y/N. "I really like you too." She pecked his forehead.

Newly-found love was in the air, as the couple continued their beach cleanup (plus Y/N's treasure hunt of free stuff).

Extra Story: Kabedon Time

Another summer afternoon with the two teens was spent sprawled across the cold floor. They both lazily lounged in Y/N's room, watching a summer special cooking program on the television Y/N found on the beach and successfully restored.

In her mind, she thought of places to get the ingredients listed on the screen and began to think of how she could make this recipe in a short amount of time. Both time and money-saving were her specialties. Mind wandering on its own as soon as an advertisement popped up, she looked up at Midoriya. She was currently in a comfortable position with her head resting on his lap.

From his jaw, to his neck, to the collar of his light blue shirt. Light blue shirt. Huh. The color kind of reminded her of a hospital shirt. Now that she thought about it, she remembered the time Midoriya trapped her in between him and the wall. She now knows the move is classified as a "kabedon", thanks to the knowledge of both Mina and TacTuc.

"Hey Izuku," Her beloved looked down at her.


"Remember that time you kabedon'ed me?"

"Oh my-" Midoriya sprung up and accidentally dropped Y/N's head to the ground at the sudden comment. "You don't have to remind me! I'm sorry about that!"

"Can I try doing it to you?"

"Huh?!" Fumes were coming out from his head. He can barely hold her hand without blushing, how can he take her slamming him up against the wall?

"Mina said it's supposed to be a 'heart-pounding move'." Y/N sunk down to the ground and crawled over to him. "You'll let me do it, right? It's only fair since you did it to me." With a little bit of convincing, he finally gave her a nod of approval. Y/N's eyes lit up with excitement and curiosity. Now that she was in a relationship, she would be able to try out all of the different things she's seen in the romance comics and shows Mina introduced her to after her television was restored.

"Great! Go over there." She pulled her boyfriend up and lead him to the empty space by the door. Midoriya nervously stood there, turning even more red at the already-close-contact they both had.

Y/N stepped closer to him until he was nearly touching the wall, then caging him between her arms by slamming her hand against the wall, their faces dangerously close. He stared into her eyes, his breathing getting heavier with each second he was trapped. He looked down at her lips, tempted to steal a kiss right then and there. Eyelids drowsily dropping halfway, he leaned in. The only thing stopping him? The sound of dry wall cracking.


Midoriya turned his head to the side, seeing a small hole in the shape of a hand created in the wall.



The next "route" leads to a character that our main character meets in a ramen shop! They've formed a familiar bond through their odd mentor-disciple relationship.

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