43 || Work Studies

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~Following week~

Sunlight uninvitedly barged into Y/N's room through the space at the ends of her window curtains, hitting the wood-planked floor as well as her back; she laid on her stomach on top of her futon.

Awaken from the light, the girl turned on her phone to glance at the time then going back to shutting her eyes. Only 9:59 AM. Ok.






"!!!" Y/N rolled off of her futon, frantically rushing to the bathroom. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. She was going to miss her train. She couldn't afford to be late today; today she would be starting work studies with Miruko at 1 PM, and the train ride leaves in one minute. Y/N also couldn't afford to wait for another train because the ride takes three hours and ten minutes plus three stops on the way to Hiroshima where the agency is.

Rushing to get ready, Y/N felt her heart rate go up in ways she hadn't felt during fights in a long time; except this wasn't the adrenaline she's been longing for. Yeah, definitely not the adrenaline caused by the thought of being late to an important part of her hero process.

"Stupid cape..." The 'stupid' white cape of her costume got caught in the doorknob, causing a delay in her rushing to the exit of her room. Heck, if she wasn't so worried about her costume, she would have jumped out the window for time's sake.

10:04 AM.

Running all the way to Hiroshima it is.

Uraraka and Tsuyu, whose work studies started in an hour but agency is closer, felt a strong gush of wind fly past them in the hallway of the girls' dorm wing.

"Eh? Are any of the windows open?"

"There are no windows in the hall, Ochaco. Kero."

"No way..." Uraraka felt a chill run down her spine. "Then... then maybe... maybe a ghost?!!" Tsuyu carried an exasperated smile on her face.

"I told you not to watch that movie last night..."


Huh. Maybe she shouldn't have rushed. She wouldn't have made it to the train anyway. And she wouldn't have been this early if she had just took her time. So now here she was. Alone in Hiroshima. A few blocks away from Miruko's agency. A growling stomach. 1,200 yen in pocket. A patisserie! Y/N's mood brightened along with her face.

'Bot-iful pastries!' – a sign in the window read. Y/N smiled looking at the robot with glasses pointing at a colorful bread bun; the character reminded her of someone in her class. Walking inside, she was welcomed by the kind cashier behind the register. The girl greeted her, proceeding to scan the cute cakes and pastries. Standing out was a lone strawberry shortcake in the shape of a dinosaur's head. Oh how she loved strawberries. Watermelons came as a close second, but that one happening with the seeds ruined it.

"The strawberry shortcake and an iced green tea please."


She savored the pink-colored cream with the sweet shortcakes that held it, the strawberries adding a tart burst of flavor to each bite. If Y/N could describe how this shortcake made her feel, it would be too great to explain in words; she was beyond happy. Wait. Something was off. She felt a pair of eyes glaring at her. Snapping out of her happy state and looking up, Y/N saw a tall blonde male standing at the register with a green-haired freckled boy– reminded her of Midoriya– both in black jackets and jerseys underneath. The blonde one was glaring at her while, what she was assuming was his friend, was trying to get his attention.

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