53 || I Wanna Be a Hero Too

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Watching a documentary about Japanese warlords feels weird when you play Ikemen Sengoku 💀


  She was punched in the face.


  Y/N was punched in the face. Because she was punched in the face, a nasty bruise formed on her cheek right above where her cheek bone is; if she were being honest, it was one of the worst blood clots that have ever formed in her body. It covered such a small portion of her face, yet it hurt so bad. Who did this piece of scrap metal think he is?

With each attempted strike, Y/N did her best to keep up and block every one of them. It required the most attention and concentration she's ever needed during battle. As plain as this guy looked, he was definitely a lot stronger than what he seemed.

She winced when the force of her opponent's arm shoved into her brutally wounded one. Getting stabbed and shot felt like nothing during the moment it happened, but the delayed pain started to kick in.

Something felt off. It was like every blow just added more pressure onto her. With every hit, he was getting stronger. Every touch also felt hotter than the last. Y/N stepped back.

"You..." she started. "What's your quirk?"

"Me? You're interested in me? Ohohohohoho!" Dang, what a weird guy. He wants to kill her, yet he's acting like the biggest fanboy of hers. "Well I'm glad you asked," His giant pointer finger tapped the metal plate of his arm. "This is made out of aluminum."

"Eh? It's not iron?"

"No, it's not iron! I just said it was aluminum!" What can she say? She wasn't the smartest when it came to identifying metals; she didn't really pay attention when she was being taught the periodic table of elements.

"Anyways," he continued. "Aluminum is one of the highest conductors of heat and-"

"I thought aluminum was used for foil to wrap your leftovers so that they'll be kept warm?"

"Oh, be quiet while I'm talking! I'm already explaining it to you, but you keep interrupting me!" He stomped his feet like a little kid having a tantrum.

"Oh, sorry. Continue."

He let out a sigh before his stoic voice returned. "Aluminum is one of the highest conductors of heat, and the more heat I produce, the stronger I get," The iro- the aluminum knight stood tall and rolled his shoulders back to make himself seem bigger. "So all of the heat my aluminum absorbed is equivalent to all of the strength and energy I reserved for fighting– you, specifically. Of course, I was able to train myself to achieve higher temperatures without falling into a fever, thus allowing me to gain more strength. It's a plus that this outfit is blazing hot inside," He fanned himself. "It just means more heat for me.

  "That leads us to right now, Wakayama. All of that running and leading you around allowed my body temperature to reach 270 degrees; plenty of that body heat is being processed and stored in my aluminum."

Did she understand the stuff he just said? Not really. She has a lot of brawn but not much brain. She did, however, understand that he was getting stronger by the minute, and it took time for the heat to process and be absorbed by his aluminum. She also knew that this was going to be a tough battle; tough or not, it didn't matter— she was going to give it her all now that she's finally met her match.

  "And lucky for me, I have you all to myself. All of this heat goes out to you, teehee!"


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