1 || Saitama Prefecture

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Moving from the Saitama Prefecture, Y/N unlocked her small apartment, all alone. Getting cozy, she tossed her bag down and rolled out her futon. She had only stared at it briefly before exiting, this time taking nothing with her. Out in the city of Musutafu, just herself. The gigantic buildings that scaled the skies and the non-stop chatter about heroes, silently pushed her determination. To be a hero, that was what this quirkless girl wanted.

Villains to beat up, people to save and money to earn. She buckled her head down, sighing at the lost feeling in her pockets. Completely broke, her lips pouted. Scuttling over around vending machines, she lifted them and tilted them to one side with ease, her eyes searching for the glimmer of a coin.


A small smile irked on her face. A 500 yen coin. She placed the vending machine down aside; a mechanical clank that perked her ears and casual strength that attracted passing-by eyes; and picked up the glimmer. She could get a decent lunch with this, her eyes began scouting for a ramen shop.

Her exploration brought her to a riverside, her lips curled slightly at the jogger, working hard, he shuffled down the river. Hands closed in a fist, weight shifting from side to side and stray, curly green locks of hair mixed with sweat; glued to the side of his face and neck. As his legs set him down on an idling bench, she decided to head over to him. Perhaps, she could provide him some support; a wave of nostalgia hit her about the kind, bald old man that would give her a tiny praise, whenever she passed by him during her workout-junkie days in her hometown.

A simple 'nice work' congratulations wouldn't hurt after all, right? "Hey, nice work, jogging today."

The boy had practically leaped out of the bench as the voice of a female chimed his ears. His hot face, exhausted from running, had now set on fire; burning. He fiddled around, his head drawing spirals. Was she talking to him? She had a nice voice. Did he look alright? She looks rather pretty, in fact. Seemed like a nice girl too. His sweat didn't make him smell too bad did it? It was fascinating what his ripe teenage hormones did to him whenever he was around a girl.

By some mangled luck, he managed to splitter out a reply. "Thank you!"

She gave him an earnest nod before leaving, unknowingly cutting him short. Somehow, a sour feeling burrowed in his gut. He wasn't sure why he was as disappointed as he was, but he that he did indeed, whether or not he could admit it bravely out loud, desiring to at least chat to her a bit more. His eyes rested on her retreating figure as she disappeared around the corner.


That was a good bit of wandering. She ambled down the street, feeling an odd satisfaction. It was also a good bowl of ramen. She smiled to herself without much care before roars erupted down the street. Staring at the scrambled crowd, flooding around her, before she knew it, a great villain groaned before her; looming in front of her with its large, crab-like form.

"Hey, hey- little girl, aren't you going to run?" sadistically tuned, he spoke. Or perhaps, it was a girl. How does one tell the sex of a crab?

Y/N puckered her lips in thought, scratching the back of her head. Impatient and worn down by her silence, the villain curled their claws around her torso. "Are you listening to me, little girlie? I've killed many people, ya know!~ I'll give you one last chance. But, hahaha, you running away would probably be useless anyway-"

Without even making contact, she threw one measly punch at the air in their direction. The villain's guts colored the pavement and walls. It was only then, a few seconds after the police and heroes began to flock the street. "Hey you! Get out of here! It's dangerous!"

Muted sighing. "Ah..." Her eyes squinted at her steaming fist, pouting. She withdrew her fist, pulling it back down before turning around as ordered, dragging her feet casually around the corner; her body contacted with another's.

She recoiled her steps back, a familiar head of curly green hair coming into view. "Sorry, sorry!" He hurried past her, fleeting as far as the police's warning tape could get him. His eyes gleamed when they glazed past heroes, but his jaw slackened at the devastation of the villain.

"Is that all there is?"

"Where's the villain?"

"Reports say that the villain has a crab-related quirk."

"Not much of a villain anymore I suppose... Those look like their remains alright."

"Search the area, just in case!"

"Roger that!"

His eyes scanned the heroes as they scattered around the scene. Water control, sticky hands, temporary invisible barriers. His breath choked, blinking; his face blanking in thought.

Who could have done this?

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