Charlie and the Wolf Pack {50}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Fifty

I was alone in a room, it was a room that I had never seen before. It was dark, dimly lit by a candle and that was when I knew that I was having another vision. Because who lit a room with a waxed candle.

No one.

I heard a noise behind me so I turned around where I saw a man walking through a door. He looked around the room like he was checking for something and he must have found it because he smiled, showing me his fangs. Nice, I was in the past with vampires and it had me wondering what I was about to witness.

“Get to work” vampire dude said.

I was wondering who he was talking to but I didn’t have to wonder long because other vampires appeared out of nowhere and started dong whatever the hell they were doing. They bought in more chairs and candles, then the thing that really shocked me was the body they tied to the table.

Holy shit.

They had a demon on the table and his eyes were closed so I couldn’t tell if he was dead or not. But what I did know was that he was a child.

A child.

I walked over to the table and when I went to help the child, my hand went right through him. That was when I remembered this was a vision, this already happened and there was nothing I could do to change anything. But that didn’t stop me from being pissed about it.

Soon the room filled with more vampires, and I could they were important or at least they thought themselves important. Also vampire dude was back.

“Please, everyone have a seat” vampire dude said.

They all sat down and it looked like a council meeting of some kind. Including vampire dude there were seven people total.

“My fellow ‘Sangue de Escuredade’ brethren welcome” vampire dude said.

“Kristoff, why have you called this unexpected meeting?” Someone asked.

“I have discovered something that will make us more powerful than anything anyone has ever seen before” vampire dude, or as he was known Kristoff, said.

“Well, what is it?” Another vampire asked.

“My friends, please join me in feasting on this young Demonkind” Kristoff said.

Then together in one synchronized motion they leaned forward and bit into different parts of the child. I was pissed off, there was nothing I could do to help him. I hated people who hurt children.

After they were done with that Kristoff pulled back and smiled.

“Now my brethren, behold.”

He pointed his hand at the fire place and just like that it was lit.

I stood there with my mouth open in shock along with the other vampires. I couldn’t believe this, someone please tell me that what I thought was happening really wasn’t happening.

“Kristoff what– I don’t understand.”

“Boris, I have made us unstoppable. I’ve learned that by taking the blood of young Demonkind, you take their powers as your own.”

“What does this mean for us?” Someone asked.

“I have blood five of these little monster already and saved it for our use. Now my brethren it is time for to take what’s ours” Kristoff said.

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