Charlie and the Wolf Pack {46}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-Six

"Wow Danny that's great" Connor said.

I turned to Nick "See honey I told you we should keep him."

Nick shook his head while Danny rolled his eyes.

"So we get to kill his mother?" Bria asked.

"Because we can do that" Tia added.

"I think I should kill the bitch and leave the body for her son" Dice said. Brad put his hand on her arm and she relaxed.

"Everyone relax, I know we all want a piece of her but we have to get her first" Sirena said.

I was going to wait to tell Sirena about Jared Walker but now as good a time as any.

"I had a vision" I said causing everyone in the room to look at me.

"You get visions?" Jenny asked.

I nodded because I had just said that I got them.

"What kind of visions? Ting asked.

"Only the best kind" I said with a smile.

"I just noticed something. How is it that you have a demon here aren't they just a myth?" Keri asked.

"Does it matter?"

Oh man Angie was not really liking all the questions about Zagan.

"What is your problem? It was a damn question" Keri said.

"My problem? My problem is random people coming in here asking questions about things that have nothing to do with them" Angie said getting in Keri's face.

Keri and the rest of the Blondes looked like they wanted to take on Angie, Zagan stood behind his lady love and pulled her back. Oh this was not good at all, so I touched Nick's arm. Nick rolled his eyes again then growled causing every wolf and witch in the room to take a step back and lower there eyes.

"Everyone needs to clam down before I sic Nick on you" I told him. "Yes Zagan is Demonkind, no it's not a myth and let's leave it at that. Angie relax, no need to have a cow whenever someone asks about him. Now like I was saying I had another vision and now I have a voice in my head telling me to come and find them."

I don't think anyone knew what to say to that because they didn't say a thing. Rion as always was completely unfazed by me and the crazy shit I dealt with.

"Why does this voice wish you to come find them and do you know who it is?" He asked. Zeus bless him.

"It's Lilura and I have her diary."

"Interesting. How did you get her diary?" Rion asked.

"It literally fell on my head but to open it I need the key and that is why I need come find her."

"Hmm, tell me more."

So I did I told them about the visions, the voice and Jared Walker.

"Well it seems to me that you need to go find this Jared Walker" Rion said.

"What about Clayton's mother?" I asked.

"Not to worry we will get her also but it seems as if your Mr. Walker doesn't have much time" Sirena said.

"So would like to get Mr. Walker?"

We didn't have much time so Nic, Connor, Wade, Romulus (Elite Royal Guard) and I were going.

So the five of us were sitting in the jeep Romulus was driving, Wade riding shotgun and Nick was in the middle of me and Connor. And man was I bored.

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