Charlie and the Wolf Pack {28}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Eight

~Brad's P.O.V~

I woke up and stretched like a cat, this was nice. The feel of soft sheets underneath me, the sun on my face, a soft pillow under my head, and the feel of arms around my waist. Hold the phone. I rolled over and looked into the sleeping face of Dice.

I can't say that this was the first time I woke up in bed with a chick after a night of drinking. But I can honestly say that this was the fist time I woke up in bed with a chick and couldn't remember if I did her or not. So as you can see I'm not sure what to do here, I mean do I wait until she wakes up then follow her lead, to see how she acts. Or do I wake her and just ask if we had sex. But what if we did have sex and it's hurts her feelings that I can't remember hitting it. My God, its early and I'm too hung over to be dealing with this, maybe I should go back to sleep. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

"Morning" Dice said.

That voice was made for sex. I didn't know she was up, what do I say to her. I shook my head why the hell was I acting like a virgin on her wedding night. I was Brad Tate player, jerk, and all around asshole, I needed to get my shit together.

"Hey" I said finally.

"Last night was crazy huh?"

"Yeah, crazy" I said not really knowing what the hell she was talking about.

"Brad, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, nothing I'm fine" I lied.

"No your not, you were fine last night before we went to bed, what happened?"

"Nothing, I'm cool. So how was it last night before we went to bed?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked blinking at me. "Brad, I'm confused what do you think happened last night?"

She paused waiting for an answer then her eyes got wide. "Do you think we slept together?"

"As you can see we did sleep together" I said waving my arms at the bed and the fact that we woke up in it.

"Don't be a smart ass you know what I mean, do you think we had sex?"

"No gees you have a dirty mind but if we didn't and I'm not saying I thought we did, why can't I remember anything?"

She laughed then said, "I don't know, you did drink a lot but I know for a fact there was no sex."

"Oh yeah, and how do you know that?" I asked not liking the fact that she was laughing at me.

"Brad, we still have out clothes on" she said.

I looked down and noticed for the first time that we were both fully dressed. Now I felt really stupid and I hated feeling stupid. Dice got out of bed and walked to the bathroom door.

She smiled at me over her shoulder and said, "And besides you would have remembered having sex with me."

Then her shirt hit me in the face, I laid back in bed and sighed to myself. Dice was a cool chick and she was banging, she was even hotter than Charlie, who was one of the hottest chicks I knew. I used to have a crush on Charlie when we were younger, and I thought Michael was a dickhead for cheating on her. Especially with a girl like Lynsay, who was not the type of girl you took home to meet your mother, she was nothing more than a quick fuck. When Charlie first came back to town I was going to go after her but then she said she was married not that I cared because if I wanted something I went after it. And then I met Nick, and over the weeks I've grown to like him, the pack felt like family now. And now if I had the chance with Charlie I wouldn't take it, even if her and Nick broke up.

I felt close to them which I wasn't sure how I felt about that yet. I wasn't close to anyone aside from my grandmother and it had been that way my whole life. Even Michael and the gang back home only knew certain things about and I've been with them since I was eight. It was hard for me to trust people even to get close to them and that was because of my parents. My mother, Stacy always talked about things moving on their own whenever I came in the room. She was a bitch who said I was odd and complained she didn't like having me around until finally my father, Darrell dropped me off at his mother's house and they never looked back.

Well that wasn't true they just showed up out of the blue last year because they were having troubles and they needed money. Stacy even had the nerve to say that she was my mother and I should be happy to give them money. Then I politely told her that Abby was the only mother I knew and if she needed money I would be happy to hand it over. Then Stacy told me I was a bastard and she should have never had me. Grandmother then told them to get the fuck out of her house before she broke out her shotgun. I'm grateful for my grandmother and everything she's done for me. I would do anything for her, even if she didn't tell me she was a witch. Even though I'm glad she is, I mean it would explain a few things.

Like some of the weird things that I've never really thought about until she told me she was witch. Example, I could tell when someone was lying to me it was just this feeling I got. Or I knew who was calling on the phone before even it even rang, I knew the end of movies from the beginning. I never lost my keys or if I did lose something I knew where to find it when I was looking, I was always the best at hide and seek. Or I knew the answer to whatever the teacher asked, that was how I was a straight-A student. Also whenever I was really mad things happened, like the lights would go out. Windows and other things would break, things would start to move, and other things like that. It was a good thing I learned to control my anger long ago.

I snapped out my thoughts when the bathroom door opened and Dice walked out in nothing but a towel. My mouth suddenly went dry. I would love to feel her underneath me, or riding me, however she wants it.

"Close your mouth, before something flies in it" Dice said.

I closed my mouth and was a little annoyed at myself because this was so unlike me. I was always the cool one, the one who didn't care. What was it about this girl that had me acting like a boob.

"Are you going to get dressed so we can go eat?" Dice asked.

"Give me a second woman" I said.

She smiled and it was beautiful, her face lit up. I shook my head at the thought then went in the bathroom to take a shower.

When I was done I did the same thing Dice did, I walked back in the room in only a towel. Dice was in front of the mirror fixing her hair, yes vampire did have reflections. She turned around and her eyes roamed my body from head to toe then back to head again. I was used to those kinds of looks from girls but this time it felt totally different.

"Nice chest, can I touch it?" Dice asked.

"Yeah, if you want to" I answered.

She walked over to me and gently put her hands on my chest. Slowly she began to rub down my chest and it felt amazing.

"Now do I get to touch yours?" I asked.

She gave a small chuckle and stepped back "Maybe later handsome."

"I'll be back then I'll escort you to breakfast milady" I said as I slapped her ass.

"Who told you I liked that?" She said as I walked out of the door.

Man she was something else.

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