Charlie and the Wolf Pack {29}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Nine

*Olivia's P.O.V*

I was sitting in my bedroom, bull shitting on my laptop but when I was done with this I had work to do. I didn't know how Charlie and Nick do this because being an Alpha was hard work. Whoever thought being an Alpha was sitting back and telling people what to do seriously got it wrong, let me tell you that. It was like having a bunch of children you were responsible for, only most of them were grown and didn't leave home. I had to care for everyone. I had to make sure no one knew our secret, pay bills, and make sure we had enough money and a steady home. And to top it all off most of the Pack was submissive, so I also had to make sure that they could defend themselves.

I thought Charlie was going to take over the Pack that day and it really surprised me when she said I should do it. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for the responsibility of a Pack, especially a pack with these kinds of problems. But what was I going to do, this Pack was mines now.

I was going crazy being here without my mate, sure I spoke to him all the time at least three times a day. But still some selfish part of me wanted him here with me though I understood his need to be with his family at a time like this. Truthfully I was worried about Wade and myself. Mating was nothing like what you read in books, there was no look into each others eyes and bam you were in love. There was no sudden intense feeling of if-you-die-I-will-kill-myself love. Sometimes mates hated each other, most were lucky and fell in love along the way like Emma and Connor or Nick and Charlie.

I was worried that maybe Wade and I won't get along, I mean we don't really know that much about each other. What if he doesn't want to move to New Jersey, what if he wants to stay with his real Pack. There was so much that could go wrong with us. I was really worried that something would go wrong in Connecticut, what if I never saw him again. It already had been a mouth since I last saw him, could that be the last time.

I was so stuck in my thoughts that I jumped at the sound of the door, though truth be told I was a little jumpy these days. I walked through the kitchen and made my way to the front door, Sheena was waiting for me with a gun in her hand. I smiled this girl was ready for anything. There was a wolf at the door, I opened it and found myself looking at an older, female version of Wade.

"Well child are you going to let me in or not?" she asked after I did nothing but stare at her.

"Who are you?" I asked.

She shook her head and task at me, "Damn I was hopping you were a smart one, who do you think I am?"

Did she just call me dumb?

"I don't know, you could be anyone. So are you going to tell me who the fuck you are or is Sheena gonna have to shoot you?"

I can't believe I just said that to my mate's mother, I think I'm going to hell now.

She smiled "Baby girl I like you already-"

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"-I'm Nyia Blake, my son asked me come help because he couldn't be here."

I stepped back to let her in the house, Sheena lowered the gun but didn't completely relax. I led Nyia into the living room, it was empty so we have a chance to talk privately. She was fair skinned with sea green eyes. The only real difference between her and Wade was the hair. She had had bright red hair, where as Wade has dark hair.

"So what does Wade want you to help with?" I asked.

"Whatever you need help with baby girl."

"To be honest I'm not really sure what I need help with" I said not wanting to this woman just how much I needed help with.

I know it was stupid not telling her but it was just my brain was working right now. It just felt worng to go around needing help, it made me feel like I wasn't good enough to be the Alpha.

"Wade said you were having money problems so I bought a few things that would help."

"What kind of things?" I asked.

"Files from Wade's bank accounts and a few project lists that would be good to invest in."

Investments sounded good right about now because Marissa and Phil fucked us over when it came to money. Member of the Pack put most of their savings and pay checks together, only to have Marissa and Phil spend it on stupid shit for the two of them.

"That's sounds good but what do you mean Wade's bank accounts?" I asked.

She smiled as if it was cute that I was confused and said, "My Wade has money, dear, more than he knows what to do with. So he thought giving some of it to his new Pack was a good idea, and I agree with him."

Huh. Now what do you say to that? The Pack could use the financial help but I wasn't sure how I felt about taking Wade's money.

"Okay can you excuse me for a moment" I said.

She nodded her head, so I exited the room quickly and made my way back to my bathroom. Where I pulled out my phone and called Wade.

"Hey" he answered.

"Your mother is here or I think she's your mother, because that's what she said."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that my mother was coming. I figured since I couldn't be there to help, that this would be a good idea."

"Thank you" I said really meaning it. "But I really don't know about taking your money."

"Livi, you're my mate that means your problems are now mine and if we're sharing problems we can share money."

"But-" I started but was cut off.

"No buts, you said you were having money problems and I have a way to solve them."

When he put it that way it made sense, we are mates, so we should help each other.

"Are you sure? Because I can find the money somewhere else" I said.

"Yeah, I'm sure. That money is from the inheritance I got from my grandfather. I haven't touched the money and I have no plan to. So this way its goes to better use than just sitting in the bank."

"Well okay then" I said hesitantly and after some thought.

"Great, now good let my mother help you and tell me how it goes later."

"I will and thank you, this will really help. Wade, I hope everything goes okay."

"Thanks" he said.

And suddenly we had nothing to say and the silence was like the silence in every other phone call before it. It was filled with everything we wanted to say and had no idea how to. It was also filled with the unspoken worry and fear. Fear that we wouldn't get a chance to say all the things we wanted to.

"I should let you get back" I said finally.

"Yeah, sure."

We hung up and I threw my phone on the bed. I really did like Wade and I wanted this mating to work.

I walked back to the living room where Nyia was waiting. She was sitting in the same chair she was when I left. She smiled at me when I walked back into the room and I returned to smile.

"Okay, let's get to work" I said.


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