Charlie and the Wolf Pack {7}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Seven

So two weeks later I called Olivia I know I made them wait a long time but whatever I had things to deal with and besides its what they get for coming into my city with the intent to stay all unannounced. And I had Aaron do some digging on them he found out a few things about them we didn't know. Like slowly the Alpha's killed off all the pack members stronger than them. How? Poison and accidents. Really I didn't what them anywhere near my pack but I would hear them out. So now here we were, Nick and myself with the bitches from New Jersey.

"Oh my God Spider! I didn't know you were coming" can you guess which bitch that was? Ding ding ding! Yes you’re correct it was Cheryl.

"I've missed you" she purred what kind of wolf purrs anyway? A trampy soon-to-be-dead-one.

"Ah, of course I would this is my pack too, wait do I know you?" Nick asked and her face went pale.

"Yes and I know you all of you" she said.

"Cheryl maybe you shouldn't-" Joyce started.

"Sweetie this is between Spider and myself, now baby of course we know each other" Cheryl said.

I smiled because my baby looked so confused I looked at him and said, "I think you fucked her."

"Oh is that what's she means, I slept with a lot of girls before you it's not like they matter" Nick said and Cheryl looked she could cry but Nick kept talking "you know for a pack that needs our help your being overly disrespectful. I don't see why we should help you."

"Baby what are you talking about?" Cheryl asked as she went to touch him.

No. There was a lot I could deal with but that her touching my man that was not going to work. Ever. I grabbed her arm super fast and broke it. Twisting unit I heard a snap she yelped in pain holding her arm to chest.

"Shall we sit down" I said.

We sat down Nick next to me holding my hand we sat with our backs against a wall because I didn't trust these bitches one bit.

"Sorry about her" Olivia said I just nodded my head, I didn't want to be here I wanted to be home laid up with my mate.

"Really all I'm here to do is set up a meeting between you and my Alpha" Olivia said.

"And that couldn't be done over the phone?" I said.

"I believe it could have but that wasn't my call to make, I follow the orders my Alpha gives and she said this would be better in person" Olivia said.

"Can we please cut the shit of course this could have been done over the phone you're here to spy on us and report back although I'm not sure why" Nick said.

"So little trust Dominic, what has marriage done to you?" said Marissa Handler from the door. I smelt her coming but this was just really disrespectful.

"More correct so little respect" I said "you can call me for bullshit but not to ask to come into my city, you Jersey bitches really are starting to piss me off." I was standing up now I was really ready to break my foot off in someone's ass right about now.

"I just thought we could cut out the middle man and talk now" Marissa said. Cheryl came out of a room bowing to Marissa.

"My dear whatever has happen to your arm?" Marissa asked.

"It was broken" Cheryl said giving me a dirty look and she better be careful before she was missing two arms and a head.

"Charlie have you not been taking care of my people?" Marissa asked.

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