Charlie and the Wolf Pack {40}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty

Well I couldn’t possibly have heard what I thought I did because it sounded like Zagan said we were in his home in Demonica.

“What?” Brad said.

“We are in Demonica, this is where I live” Zagan said like he was talking to a small child.

“No what I think he means is how the fuck did we get here” Connor said.

I nodded because yeah.

“I have no idea but I do know that Charlie is the one that bought us here” Zagan said.

“Whoa, why do I get blamed for this?”

“Because you are the only one that could have bought us here.”

“Oh right, that makes sense” I said.

This was too fricking unbelievable, just could you imagine. What the hell were we going to do and how were we going to get home, if I wasn’t sure how I got us here.

“Honestly this is kind of cool” Connor said.

Nick nodded, “Kind of.”

We all stood there looking at each confused.

“So” Dice said.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door “Zagan are you in there? Buddy?”

Zagan walked to the door and opened to show a yellow demon with purple gymlas, wings, and horns.

“Zagan, thank the mother. We have been looking all over for you and –but wait how did you get here? I’ve been outside since last night” Yellow demon said.

“We just got here, Lix” Zagan told him. “Who has been looking for me?”

“The King has everyone out looking, you were supposed to check in” Lix said.

Lix stopped talking to stare at us and his eyes went wide.

“Well Zagan, its good to see that you’re still alive” said another demon.

This demon was paste white with light purple gymlas, wings and horns. And when he looked at Zagan there was nothing but pure hate in his eyes.

“Flaga, what are you doing here?” Zagan asked.

“Looking for you. On the Kings orders if any found you we are supposed to bring you in” Flaga said, he looked at us and smiled. “Zagan, you naughty boy, you have explaining to do.”

Zagan turned to us “Guys do you mind?”

Flaga laughed a real hard laugh “Do they mind? Zagan they have no choice.”

“We always have a choice” Nick said.

Flaga stopped laughing and looked at Nick, really looked at him. Then moved forward towards Nick. I stood next to Nick, Connor stood one step behind him, Brad, Angie and Dice stood behind Connor. If it was fight Flaga wanted, we’d give him one.

“Zagan would it make things easier for you if we went?” Nick asked.


“So we go” Nick turned to Flaga. “Lead the way.”

Zagan walked with us as Flaga and Lix led the way. We were walking along the country side and it was beautiful. The grass was really green, it was everywhere and all around there were small colorful flowers. We walked until we got to a road.

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