Charlie and the Wolf Pack {54}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Fifty-Four

I felt like I’d been hit by a mac truck and it was still pitch black but that had more to do with the fact that my eyes were shut tight. So slowly I opened them and even that hurt like a son of a bitch. I was thankful that it was dark out I would be even more thankful if I knew just what the hell was going on. When my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness that was the night they went wide and I gasped. What I was looking at was myself and it wasn’t a picture, I was actually standing in front myself. I hopped up even as my body protested but I couldn’t think about that right now, I was in the middle of a meltdown. Slowly I looked around and noticed that I was standing in the middle of a graveyard at night, and I was in the middle of a fight.

Since this never happened I was guessing this was another vision and this was the future. I looked around Nick was standing next to Other-Me, they were side by side fighting some vampires. The whole pack was spread out around the graveyard fighting vampires and shifters. Shifters? I shook my head this was becoming too much. Everyone was fighting Krystal had two people at once, she and Jenny were standing back to back and they were kicking ass. Angie, Abby, Jared Walker, and Brad were in the back each had their hands out in the air throwing spells out.

Whoa Brad? This was not what I expected, what the hell was he doing out here? But this must mean it was going to happen and he was using magic so that was a good thing, it meant he could take care of himself.

Shawn stood off to the side he was fighting a man, a man that I knew though I only I seen him a few times. That was Ian, Lion shifter, he was on the council of Elders, well that was such bullshit. What was this world coming to when you couldn’t trust your own kind? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw Clayton and his little crew thought they had a surprise for us, well sike on them. It looked like a scene in an action movie, the only thing I could do was stand around and watch. We all looked half dead, blood and dirt covering us, dead bodies on the ground next to us. Friend and foe alike.

Seeing this made me wish I could go to my old bedroom in grandma’s house and hide under my covers. I wasn’t scared I was angry and sad, this didn’t need to happen, why couldn’t everything be peaceful? But even as I asked myself that question I knew that peace was really just a state of mind and one could never stay peaceful no matter how much we wished it could.

I was shocked to see my Sirena and Rion fighting side by side killing bad guys and trying to save the day. Really I don’t know why I was so shocked that Sirena was here fighting, she is a totally badass. This just wasn’t something you saw a queen doing, they shouldn’t be out here fighting alongside soldiers but my aunt was never one to sit on the sidelines and let people fight for her.

The twins were also here Bria and Tia stood proud and they were swinging these big beautiful swords. Watching the two of them fight was like watching magic happen live. They were so graceful and their bodies moved with ease. I smiled it was nice to see some kind of beauty in this ugly battle we were fighting.

People and animal were attacking each other, shifters jumping out of trees, vampires using headstones as weapons. This made me sad when was enough really enough? When did the quest for power become worth more than one person’s life? The other-me ran by snapping me out of my thoughts. My eyes followed behind myself and I saw that I was chasing Clayton who was running into a crypt.

That was when I saw it an angel, or at least a statue of one. It was made of black stone, a female, one wing was up as if it was about to fly and the other wing was down at its side. It looked like every other statue but for some reason it held my attention, maybe that had something to do with the fact that it had green eyes. I felt like she was looking right at me, like she was looking right through me. As I was staring into her eyes her head moved, like she was waking up from a nap. It shocked me though it shouldn’t have didn’t Zagan just say this would happen.

Charlotte Aubrey Anderson Kane, Alpha female of the Storm and Spider-Wolf Pack, leader of the Shadow Coven, heir to the Vampire Throne, daughter of Warrior Bael High Warlord of all Demonkind, The Chosen One, daughter of the prophecy.

I looked around someone was talking to me in my head or I was losing my mind but since I lost my mind a long time ago someone was in my head. The angel smiled at me and that was when I knew it was her and that was when I also realized how long my damn title was. I mean that was really a mouth full, could you imagine someone having to say that every time I walked into a room.

It is time, Chosen One, you must embrace your destiny and change your world.

“But what if I’m not ready?” I asked out loud.

You must be, destiny waits for no one. You either embrace it or get lost in it. The choice is yours young one.

It really didn’t feel like I had any kind of choice in this matter at all. And on top of that I didn’t know how I was supposed to ‘embrace my destiny’ anyway.

You must follow the path you have chosen, be one with yourself.

Huh? What the fuck did that mean? Be one with myself? If I wasn’t already one with myself what the fuck was I? What Path had a chosen, what was she taking about? I didn’t pick anything. But suddenly I looked to my right where I last saw other-me run into the crypt behind Clayton. Seriously? These things were never literal.

Go. Remember you are more than just this world.

Well that made no sense to me at all, but I didn’t have time to think about that I ran and made my way over to the crypt. When I got close to the entrance a fleet of vampires and shifter ran out of it, I looked back and saw that that’s was not the only place they were emerging from. They were running out of other crypts and tombs, this was not a good thing. We were outnumbered, this was not looking good for the home team. But there was nothing I could do about that so I headed into the crypt, I went down a set of stairs followed the sound of fighting. Clayton and other-me were fighting, blood was spilling from both of us. Clayton plunged a knife into other-me’s chests, both other-me and real me gasped. Clayton pressed the knife in all the way to the hilt. Other-me grabbed Clayton’s shirt then did something I didn’t think was possible other-me stuck inside of Clayton’s chest and held it there. O-M’s hand started to glow red, like it was on fire and Clayton screamed, a blood curdling scream.

Clayton’s hand lifted up from his side and that was when I saw the blade and I knew what was about happen but O-M was too busy to notice. Clayton’s hand struck out slicing O-M from just under her chin to her collarbone. They both screamed blood gushing from all over, O-M pulled her handout of Clayton’s chest, and with it she pulled back his heart and that was when they both fell. Clayton was dead and O-M was barely alive, O-M’s chest was hardly rising and her breathing was shallow. As I stood there and looked over both bodies I was silently crying, tears streaming down my face hard. Even with blurry eyes I couldn’t make them stop looking at my prone body lying on the ground of the crypt. That was when I realized what following my chosen path was really about, killing the leader, because once you cut off the head the body couldn’t function anymore.

Something flashed before my eyes a date and a time. That was it but I knew it was important. Once it was gone I looked back to my body, and cried harder because I knew what this meant.

I was going to die.

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