Charlie and the Wolf Pack {33}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Three

Nick's P.O.V

The three of them looked at each other and all tried to make a run for it at the same time. Which was dumb. We all split up and went after them but Nina did something I would do if I was in her shoes. She picked up a wrench and threw it, everyone chasing her duck to avoid getting hit. Everyone but Charlie that was, it was like everything was in slow motion. Nina threw the wrench and Charlie tried to move but she wasn't fast enough I think that had something to do with the way she was feeling. And it pissed me off that she was slow and she got hurt, I was pissed that Nina had the nerve to hit my mate with anything. Charlie went down, it looked like she was in pain, I nodded to my brother who I knew would take care of Nina. Then I smelt it. Blood and lots of it. Charlie was out like a light and it scared the shit out of me.

Out the corner of my eye I saw Brad tackle that Shug dude. What the fuck kind of name was that? Connor threw Nina like a doll and it was Pam who took out Maddix. Angelica threw her hands out and ropes tied themselves around the three assholes.

"Dominic, we must take her to the hospital there is one near by. She's losing to much blood." Penny said.

"Nick put her in here" my father said holding open the door to Megan Barrett's truck.

I did what he said not wasting anytime but I had clue where the hospital was.

"Wait take this" Angelica said.

A duffle bag appeared out of nowhere but I took it. My father, brother, and cousin got in the truck with me and we sped to the hospital. My father knew where it was because he liked to travel everywhere.

"I need a fucking doctor!" I yelled as soon we got in the door.

Doctors and nurses rushed to my side they took Charlie who was still passed out. I followed behind them never taking my eyes off Charlie. All I knew was she better not fucking die.

Charlie's P.O.V 

The lights were killing me, my eyes were hurting and my mouth was really dry. What was going on? The last I remember was Nina and a wrench and -oh no. Nick was going to kill me. I looked around the room it was a pretty room. Sky blue walls, navy blue counters and tables, and royal blue sheets. And over in the corner sleeping in the chair was my Nick. Even in his sleep he looked worried even in his sleep, my poor baby. Now I was mad at myself for worrying him. I just knew he was going to kill me.


I whispered his name but he heard me because his head snapped up, his eyes held relief and fear. He stood up and walked towards me and I held my breath, scared of what he was going to tell me.

"Nick are you alright?' I asked.

He held me close and it felt so right that I wanted to stay right here forever and forget about the world. Just then the door opened and a human walked in, she smiled at me sadly. That smile didn't make me feel any better, she picked up some papers and looked at me like she was about to break my heart.

"Mrs. Kane its good to see you awake."

I looked at her and realized that I had no idea who the hell she was. I turned to look at Nick with wide eyes. I wanted to know what was going on but at the same time I was scared to know.

"Mrs. Kane, how are you feeling? Can I get you anything?"

"Water" I said.

She nodded and moved to the sink she then handed me the water. I nodded my thanks and drank it. She was watching me and it was making me feel uncomfortable.

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