Charlie and the Wolf Pack {2}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Two

I dropped down and rolled to the side sending the wolf flying over my head.

"Gods above Nick you are such a child, you scared the shit out of me" I said as I stood up, but I was also laughing.

The wolf turned into a tall, handsome man with light brown hair and golden eyes he was amazingly beautiful. I honestly loved looking at him. Dominic Kane who most called Spider stood in front of me. He was my mate, my husband, the love of my life, the one who changed my life. When my world was upside down he came along and made everything right again. He walked towards me proud and so graceful he wrapped his arms around my waist. Pulling me and him closer to the couch. He sat on the arm of the couch placing me in his lap.

"How was school baby, did you make any new friends?"

"Shut up" I said silencing him with a kiss, he didn't waste any time throwing me over his shoulder taking me to our bedroom.

Okay let me explain a little bit I'm a witch, I get it from my grandmother. She was a witch mated to vampire and they had my father Jonathan who didn't need to feed regularly like most vampires. My mother Alicia was a werewolf, she could only change during the full moon and not whenever she wanted like other werewolves. My parents died when I was only a few months old so I had no memories of them. So really I couldn't miss them, I think what I really missed was the thought of them.

A year and the half ago my grandmother died of a heart attack, I was at school when I got a call from the hospital. I got to see her before her spirit moved on and she gave me the black diamond ring she never took off. It was a gift from my grandfather.

"Charlie girl listen, dangers are coming, people who want nothing more than to kill you will come. You need to prepare its time to take what's yours, what’s yours by birth right. You're going to need all the help you can get, but be careful who you trust. The pack and both covens are yours, you're going to need them" her voice was weak and tears were flowing down my face.

"Charlie girl don't cry I love you baby remember that and you can do anything you want." She died that night.

I planned her funeral not that had to do much my grandmother planned for everything, she wanted to be buried next to my parents. After that, things got worst before they got better, Lynsay and Michael, for example then since I was only sixteen I had to move in with my mother's sister Gina Howard. It was bad, I had to move away from everything I knew, even though what I knew wasn't so good. I moved in with the pack my mother grew up in, the pack that didn't want me. None of the older members made me feel welcome, but mostly it was my family that made me feel like an outcast. Apparently I was dormant and by birth the pack should have been mine. Gina was Alpha female and she didn't want to give that title up, so she made my life hell.

(¸.·´ ¸.·*´¨)¸.·*¨)

Everything changed when I met Nick, everything between us started with a kiss and what a kiss it was. One night I was in a park on the swings because I just had to get out of the house away from Gina. When I smelt it, the scent of wolf, man, and cinnamon. I looked up and saw him walking out from the trees and just with that one look I knew I had to have him.

“Who are you?" he asked still walking towards me.

"Charlie Anderson."

"Dominic Kane" I knew that name but I couldn't remember from where. "Charlie what are you doing here alone?"

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