Charlie and the Wolf Pack {26}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Six

"Well that's good baby" I said calmly trying not jump for joy like a loser.

"Okay so I was going to look for anything I could about CM, when I saw Mara and she said there was something she had to tell me. She told me about how Sirena fought Cormack Magnus. More importantly how his wife went into hiding."

"Yes, we felt no desire to kill the woman when we had just done so to her mate" Sirena said.

"That makes sense but maybe you should have killed her because Mara said she spoke to a cousin of hers and was told that Cormack's wife resurface years later with a dude."

"Let me guess, a son?" Rion said.

Nick nodded his head then said, "Yup, Clayton Magnus."

"Sonofabitch" Rion said, "How could I not have known this? I am truly sorry my queen I put you in danger."

"Never, you've done nothing wrong" Sirena told him.

"Alright we found Clayton and put his head on the front gate" I said completely serious.

"Agreed" Rion said.

"Oh idea. Could we call her cousin and see what she know?" I said.

"I'm sure we could, do we know what cousin it is?" Sirena asked.

"Mara didn't have many family members but there was only one cousin she talked about, she lives in Manhattan. I forget her name, it's something with a D. Diana, Destiny, no it's um Denise. Though she has a street name."

"Dice?" I asked.

"Yes. How did you know?"

"She wants to be apart of our Pack."

"Well that's good, so we have a way to contact her?" Sirena asked.

"Yeah, Aaron has her number. I'll call and get it from him" I said.

So I got right on that, Aaron gave me her number and I gave it to Rion and he went to call her. Then after I was done with Aaron, Emma came on the phone.

"Hey Charlie how are things?"

"Better now that we know what we're working with. How are things for you?"

"Good, Aaron is great."

"You better not say that to Connor" I said.

"Oh I know. But I mean Aaron is . . . well great. If I need something he goes out and gets it. I doesn't matter what it is he just goes. At first people were giving me a hard time because I'm human but Aaron put a stop to that. And he's really nice."

"Yup, Aaron is great."

"But no worries Connor has my heart" she said.

"He better."

We talked a little more before hanging up the phone. Rion was off the phone, Sirena was sitting back in her chair with her eyes closed. Nick was just sitting there watching me.

"So what's up?" I asked.

"Well I spoke to the girl, she has agreed to come here so we could talk in person. She said she knew something was wrong, because she said this is the longest she had gone without speaking to her cousin" Rion said.

"When will she get here?" Nick asked.

"Later on tonight. But right now I must speak to the others, if you don't need me my Queen."

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