Charlie and the Wolf Pack {35}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Five

She smiled a real smiled then nodded "Yes, my love, I am your great-grandmother Morgan."

Well slap me and color me stupid, how this even possible. I stood there looking at her with my mouth wide open.

"Aren't you dead?" I asked like a total idiot 


She laughed "Yes 'fille' I am dead and I've been so for a long time."

"So that's how you know so much about Demonkind." Again state the obvious Charlie.

"Charlotte, its okay to be shocked by this news."

Shocked was right, wow can you believe it I was learning magic from my dead great-grandmother. Totally wicked.

"How is this even possible, not saying that I'm not happy about it."

"I'm not sure how it happened either but I am happy that I have gotten to know you. Something I couldn't do with my own daughter."

That's right she died when grams was born. How sad was that, grams was amazing but Morgan would never truly know that.

"So what do I call you? I've been thinking of you as Dream Lady."

She looked at me as if seeing me for the first time, she had what I liked to call her 'thinking face' on.

"I'm not sure" she said after some time.

I felt bad, she died before she could have a real family, one that came from the fruit of her loom.

"How about grammy?" I said.

"I think I would like that."

So instead of work for the rest of the night we talked and got to know each other. She was amazingly smart, and really powerful. I mean think about it she summoned a demon from the heart of Demonica itself and bound him to her. That made her a serious badass.

"So tell me about him" I said.

"Bael" she said his name like a prayer. "Bael, was more than I had ever hoped for. He was smart, funny, wonderful, kind, gentle, deadly, sexy and a bunch of other kinds that I couldn't even begin to list."

"I'm sorry you dead and couldn't have more time with him" I said truly meaning it.

"Thank you 'fille' but I have him for the rest of eternity. We have both passed into the Fade where we live now. The only time we are apart is when I am here." 

Oh that was good, I'm glad death didn't separate them.

"What's the Fade?"

"The Fade is what we call the other side. The best way to describe it would like the underworld rules by the lord Hades."

I nodded totally understanding what she was saying.

"It is a world for the dead where humans and supernaturals alike live."

"So what's this place we're in now?" I asked.

"I'm not really sure but I would say it is a realm between the two we live in. This might be the dream realm."

We talked some more, I told her how I was growing up. What it was like growing living with grams. We talked until I found myself awake in the land of the living.

I rolled over in bed and faced a sleeping Nick, that peaceful look on his face made me smile. I snuggled into him and went back to sleep.

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