Charlie and the Wolf Pack {34]

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Four

I let go of Nick and made my way to the bathroom to wash up. When I was done I put on some sweatpants and a black shirt. I put m hair into a ponytail and I was ready, Nick was sitting there waiting for me, so together we made our way to the basement. When we got there we were met by Sirena, Rion, Penny, Dice and the pack. Everyone one watched us as we walked in, and I wanted to turn right around and leave but I had shit to do.

"So we were waiting for the two of you before we questioned them. We thought you would lie to be here" Rion said.

We both nodded out heads and walked further into the basement. When I looked into the faces of my family I didn't see any pity, what I saw was anger and the need for justice.

"So we ask the bitch a few questions then we start cutting her up" Krystal said.

I smiled at her because that was sounded like a good idea to me. I sat in a chair and Nick stood behind me. There was Nina, she was in her own little cage, when I looked at her all I was red. When she saw me the bitch smiled. Smiled. Can you believe her.

"How's the stomach?" she asked.

There was a collective growl from everyone. I just smiled that cold murderous smile I learned from Nick, that had Nina flinching.

"Better than yours is going to be" I said.

"Nina, I would like you to meet the head of the royal guard Rion" Sirena said pointing to Rion. "And our resident psychopath Krystal."

"Am I supposed to be scared?" Nina asked.

"Nope, it's more fun when your not" Krystal said.

"We have some questions for the three of you so if you would be so kind as to answer them" Sirena said.

That something I loved about my aunt even when she was telling you what to do she made it sound like you had a choice.

"I'm not telling you anything, so you better just kill me" Nina said.

"We're gonna kill you either way" I told her.

"You think you can catch me!"

Wow, she seemed angry and sounded really stupid.

"Looks to me like you're already caught" I said pointing to the cage she was in.

She growled and I rolled my eyes. I was really scared of her.

"Let's get this show on the road people" I said clapping my hands together.

"Of course my dear now Mr. Cruz, we shall start with you" Sirena said. "How are you?"

I smiled she was seriously asking him that like this was a regular visit.

"Ah, I'm-" Maddix said looking around in confusion.

"That is wonderful, now do you have something you want to tell us?"

"No, I don't know anything" Maddix said.

Sirena shook her head "if we're going to get anywhere the lying has got to stop."

"I'm not lying bitch, just who the hell do you think you are!"

Sirena turned away from him and faced us "who would like to show Maddix what we do to lairs?"

"I think I would" Dice said.

Sirena nodded her head and it was over from there. Dice was a nasty chick, the things she did to Maddix made me want to toss my cookies. Things that Krystal would love and I came to that conclusion because Krystal was taking notes.

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