Charlie and the Wolf Pack {9}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Nine

"You have got to be kidding me" Krystal said.

I was about to say something when there was a knock at the door Wade went to get it, a second after the door opened he was calling my name. So I walked to the door and stopped short when I saw Brad Tate and his grandmother.

"Brad, Mrs. Tate what are you doing here?"

"You know them?" Wade asked.


"Charlotte darling it's good to see you again, we will catch up later but first I must go check on your wolf and his mate."

With that she walked away heading up the stairs leaving the three of us lost in the doorway. Wade looked at me confused, shrugged and turned to Brad. 

"Sorry about my grandmother, she's a little crazy."

"Why do you think that?" Wade asked.

"She thinks your wolves and that you guys are in danger, so we drover here to help."

"She's not crazy, far from it really, we are wolves and weren't you in computer lab we are in danger" I said.

The look on his face was one of utter disbelief, the three of us walked into the living room and Brad stopped at the sight of all the people.

"Who's this?" Luke asked.

"Brad, a friend from school his grandmother is upstairs they're here to help."

"He's cute" Krystal said causing Brad to smile.

After a few minutes Mrs. Tate came back downstairs smiling and looking very pleased with herself she said, "nothing to worry about darling your wolf and his mate will be fine. Now honey you need to kill this one" pointing to Tanner.

"Grandma!" Brad exclaimed.

"No she's right, Krystal do you want to or should I?" I said.

"Oh please let me, hmm, how should I go about this? Broken neck no maybe a bleed out-"

"You've got to clean the floor anyway" I reminded her.

"Oh right, whatever, what about his balls?" she asked looking at me waiting for an answer.

"What about his balls?" I asked on a sigh.

"Can I cut them off and shove them down his throat? Please? I promise I'll clean up my mess."

"What is it with you and balls?" Wade asked, Krystal did have a thing about balls.

"Sure Krystal if you want" I said, she hugged me.

"Yay! Okay now honey do you want to take off your own pants or should I?" she asked Tanner.

"Whoa, hold the hell up is she serious?" Tanner asked looking around like a wild man.

"Darling, now is not the time for that, we have other things to do" Mrs. Tate said.

"Fine, fine." Krystal said pouting, instead what she did was grab Tanner by the throat and squeezed. He was turning blue and he was flapping around like a fish out of water trying to get her off of him.

"Kris stop playing with the boy just kill him" I said and she sighed the girl was enjoying this too much. She squeezed his throat tighter crushing his windpipe.

"Holy crap she just killed him what the hell is going on?" Brad said.

"He was a wolf, and it was either him or us, and if I had to pick I say we get them before they get us and really if you have a problem with that you should go" I said.

"Okay, I can, I can understand that" Brad said looking like he was going to be sick.

"Right, good, now Mrs. Tate-"

"Please sugar call me Abby" Mrs. Tate said cutting me off "now you want to know what I'm doing here and how I know what's going on."  

I nodded my head.

"I'm here to help you because it's what your grandmother would have wanted. As for how I know I'm a witch and a seer, mind you I haven't seen much of anything these days but still I saw this war coming. Someone of your blood wants you dead, a cousin I believe and they want you dead bad."

"So we get those bitches first" Connor said walking into the living room. I jumped out of my seat in no time and had him crushed in my arms.

"You big bastard you scared the shit out of me don't ever that to me ever again."

"Sorry I'll try not to" he said.

"That's all I ask."

A few minutes later Pam, Danny, and Andy walked in with my coven behind them. The coven itself wasn't large there was ten members including me. There may not have been a lot of them but they were important to me.

"So Abby you're a seer what exactly did you see?" I asked.

"Don't worry honey nothing will happen to anyone as long as you work together. What you're going to have to do is kill Marissa and your cousins along with that witch boy. But the question is can you do it, can you kill your family?"

"My family is right here now those other bitches I can take care of" she nodded.

"It's more than one, three right? Can I have one please?" Krystal said. She was crazy.

"Sure Kris, you can have one" I told her "and don't forget about this mess."

She said she was going to get right on that as she left the room, I shook my head at her. This fight was going to be crazy, I knew that once my aunt got better she would want to kill everyone and so would anyone loyal to her.

"So can someone please explain to me what is going on here please?" Brad asked.

"Yup, so Charlie pissed off a lot people and now they want to kill us all" Connor said.

"Oh no, some of those people hated you before I came along" I reminded him.

"True, mostly they hated Nick, he's mean" Connor said.

"Connor!" Emma screamed coming into the room he stood up and had her in his arms in no time.

I was happy for them and for me can you image if they were dead and then I had to tell Nick that I killed his only brother who was a younger brother to me and I killed my best friend.

"Brad what are you doing here?" Emma asked.

"I came with my grandmother, she's the one that helped you" Brad told her.

Emma nodded then she hugged Abby and said, "Thank you so much, but what about our baby will it be okay?"

"Yes, darling your baby will be fine you just need to relax more" Abby said like that was going to be easy. "Now that we know everyone is alright we should collect Olivia's sister before the real battle begins."

"I would love that but how?" Olivia asked.

"Charlotte knows that answer to that" Abby said. Huh? I did? Think Charlie how would you get a person from one place to another without touching them. I can do this. Think girl.

"A portal" I said at last.

"Good" Abby said smiling at me.

"That's great and all but that's demon magic and last I heard they were just a myth" Luke said.

Shit! Luke was semi-right it was demon magic but it wasn't a myth, there were demons long ago who came topside to the mortal world. It was said a powerful witch named Lilura (Lilura means enchantment) cursed all Demonkind to the unseen parts of hell. It was said Demons had all kinds of power, power that no longer existed in our world.

"Charlie is one of the most powerful beings ever born, she can do anything. Long ago it was foretold of a child, one of mixed birth who shall change the ways of the supernatural forever. Bringing forth a new era of the Demonkind, uniting the most powerful of all the supernatural beings." Abby said "I believe that child is you Charlotte. You are descendent of demons."

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