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A new force || Completed by anothercinderellaa
A new force || Completedby anothercinderellaa
Layla. She was the daughter of the rulers of Corellia. She was a Jedi, trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi. While delivering the technical readouts to the Rebels the Empire captur...
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Sleepless Nights by recklessjediknight
Sleepless Nightsby Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker comes home late one night hoping to fall asleep quickly beside his wife, then comes a disturbance in the Force... [Anidala, one shot, some fluff. Nothin...
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Torn Apart || Star Wars: A Kylo Ren Story by mostlymegan
Torn Apart || Star Wars: A Kylo Re...by .˚ ✧ · *
// TFA SPOILERS // The tale of how young Ben Solo went Dark... ~•~ Ben felt the Force. He knew that it was real, not just a legend. Along with this, the boy knew that th...
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Imperial Honor Chapter 3 of 13 by imperialjedi
Imperial Honor Chapter 3 of 13by Lily
With the battle over and well earned day off Alexa and her roommate Zarma go out for a quiet dinner at a local establishment. Events are set in motion that will change h...
The White Wolf And The Black Wolf ON HOLD by mooneynn
The White Wolf And The Black Wolf...by Werewolf Forever
A pack called the silver moon mist pack was attacked by the famous Grey rouge and the alpha and luna were kidnapped. Jennifer and Daniel the alpha and Luna's pups escape...
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Truth Within by Darthsuki
Truth Withinby Daniel
A story isn't always with one road, paved with asphalt and leading one way. Sometimes there's others; gravel roads that lead somewhere else, telling the story of another...
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cure, kylo ren by ewokkk
cure, kylo renby —𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘢
❝ she fell in love with the way that his heart had kindness, but he soon walked into the darkness and she was his only cure for him to come back ❞ [ star wars: episode V...
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The Virgin Wars by LittleGirlBlue
The Virgin Warsby Kailin K.
"This is the story of how I lost my virginity. It is a maladroit tale, a cataclysm of lies I'm not too proud of. But, I do ask you one thing: refrain from judgement...
Gangstas: Between Brothers by UrbanQueen
Gangstas: Between Brothersby aromantic
It's been fifteen years since they've last seen each other. These brothers got separated at the age of only ten and thirteen. And now... Andre is one of the biggest kin...
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Merciless ▽ (Kylo Ren FanFiction) by ATotalNerd
Merciless ▽ (Kylo Ren FanFiction)by Amy Rose
Mora: a farmer, a merchant, a simple young woman; forced to survive on her own after the death of her mother. At least, that's what she believes. STARTED: 1/17/16 FINIS...
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Randomness Of The Star Wars Rebels Crew by Twisted_Hurricane
Randomness Of The Star Wars Rebels...by Crazed in Love
THE THIRD GREAT WAR: North and South by DavidUng
THE THIRD GREAT WAR: North and Sou...by David Ung
When a young teenage boy Alex North wakes up to find his world falling apart in a war, his parents gone and his sister missing, he needs to make a choice that will haunt...
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Freeing Her by kandidreads
Freeing Herby Katie
"To be the assassin for a kingdom requires two things. Let go of petty things such as love and have loyalty run in your blood."- Miranda Ivy Who knew all the k...
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The War of Love by Santy810
The War of Loveby Santy810
(18+) Warning: This Fanfic does have inappropriate content for children. I did not put the Mature Setting on just in case there are kids who are willing to read this.
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The Guild Wars Manuscripts; The Lore of Guild Wars by DatWriterChan
The Guild Wars Manuscripts; The Lo...by Writer Desu~
This is a part of the Guild Wars Lore. It was written in a character description book I had in the game casing. I just thought that people that don't have the hardware w...
Cheer wars by writergurljeul
Cheer warsby writergurljeul
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Dreams by AllyGirl203
Dreamsby Ally
Alexandria is a normal girl, until one day she finds out things about herself that few will believe. "Dreams" follows her unique, personal, fantasy story in a...
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