Charlie and the Wolf Pack {58}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Fifty-Eight

I rubbed my temples, my headache just got bigger. Seriously I did not want to deal with this.

“Where I am?” asked the orange demon standing in front of us.

“Does anyone else feel like they’ve seen this movie before?” Wade asked.

“I think we all do, and honestly I am not in the mood to deal with this. Who are you?” I asked the random demon in the room.

“I- I would just like to go home” and as soon as the words were out of his mouth he was gone. The same way he came is the same way he left both suddenly and random.

“Seriously?” Connor asked.

“I don’t understand where is Zagan?” Angie wanted to know, and she wasn’t the only one. That was a question I wanted answered as well.

This was all too much. I don’t understand why any of this was still happening, we defeated the bad guys, we won the war. What was supposed to happen now? I just don’t get it. I was tired of this I wanted everything to be over, this was all becoming too much.

“Zagan, get your ass back here right now” I said to no one.

“There was no need to shout” Zagan said behind me.

I turned around and moved out of the way fast enough because if I didn’t Angie would have knocked me down on her rush to hug Zagan.

What was really weird to me about the whole thing was that I could feel them, when the demons shifted from one dimension to another I knew. I could feel them, it was just a small feeling in the back of my mind.

“Zagan, do that again, I want to see something.”

He did as I asked and disappeared from our sight. I felt that small tingle and then he was back. “Now can you take Angie with you?”

He did as I asked once again only this time taking Angie with him. I felt her too but I wasn’t sure if that was because she was one of mine, or because I was of both worlds and could feel any and everyone who traveled between the two.

“So you did it? The curse is lifted and Demonkind is free to travel between the worlds?” Nick asked.

I nodded “it would seem so, I have a feeling this is going to be the beginning to something either amazing or the worst thing that could ever happen.”

“We’ll just wait to see how this turns out” Nick said.

I smiled “together.”

“Either way it’ll be fun to watch” Connor added making us laugh.

(¸.·´ ¸.·*´¨)¸.·*¨)

I stood there waiting for my turn, and I couldn’t help but look out and see all of my family there watching me, smiling and showing how proud me they truly were. We had been through so much together and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to love me and in return I loved them with everything I had.

Once we all took some time to relax we got to work, there were a lot of loose end that we needed tie up. We cleaned up the mess that Clayton started, taking out every last member of the Sangue de Escuridade,  just to show that we would not be fucked with. A few of us went home with Zagan and let the king and the dragons know what was going on. Most demons wished to stay in their world but there were still many who wanted to come over with us and see our world. But we let them know it wasn’t an either or thing they could come and go as they please as long as they didn’t break any of the rule the new Council of Paranormals came up with.

We decided it was best to come up with rules and people to enforce the rules each paranormal group was in the council, each of the packs, covens, clan and families came together and choose one person to speak on belief of them. Zagan spoke for the Demons, Dice for the vampires, Nick for the wolves, Brad for the witches, Jared for the keepers, a woman named Maggie for the dragons, the cat, bear, jackals, birds, and many of the other clan each had people in the council too. The really hard part was getting me to act as leader of the council, that was something I didn’t want but according to many I was the reason for the victory and the fact that the demons and dragons were back. As hard as I tried they wouldn’t take no for an answer, so finally I said yes.

Zagan and Maggie had a lot of work ahead of them making sure the demons and dragons were handling being on this side of the veil, for some adjusting wasn’t easy but the paranormal community came together was taking care of their own. Angie and Zagan were together now, married or mated whatever you wanted to call it. Wade and Olivia were making things work it was a slow start but they were happy and seemed to be finding balance. Brad and Dice were dating, it was too new and they weren’t ready for that big step, so they were taking it slow. Rion didn’t want to be king but he wanted to be with my aunt so they settled for him becoming her consort and remaining captain of her guard, and ruler of her heart.

The Blondes moved in with us, Lyla was with Denny but they understood that I was queen bitch and now we get along just fine. Both Krystal and Pam are still single but that’s the way like it. This whole thing has brought the pack and coven together, not that we weren’t close as hell before. But we’ve taken it to a whole new level of close and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Charlie Kane.”

It was my turn I slowly walked up to the podium and was handed my diploma. I turned my head and looked into the eyes of my man, my one and only. I smiled at him and in return he the smile, almost making me melt on the spot.

I love you. Nick whispered inside my head. It was a new thing we learnt that we could do. And I loved it.

I love you more.

I’ve waited my whole life for you. I’ll never let you go.

“Emma Kane.”

I turned to look behind me to see Emma get her diploma. She looked so happy and I was glad for her. Then I look to the crowed and see Conner with the biggest small on his face, holding their daughter. Two weeks ago Emma gave birth, a little girl named Carter, who was the perfect mixture of the two. Nick and I are her godparents, and we couldn’t be prouder , she is an amazing little girl. She is spoiled as hell and she’s only two weeks, can you imagine later on in life? Her grandparents, oh my goddess, you should see Shawn with her. The boys are learning to deal with their father I wouldn’t say that they’ve forgiven him but they are working on it.

We’re leaving after graduation, going back to the city. This place was just a rest stop, something called to us here and made us come back. I think we’ve come back here for a reason and Emma might have been that reason but now it’s time to move on.

Once the ceremony is over Emma and I make our way over to our family. Nick hold me in his lovable strong arms and I melt into him. Never wanting to leave this spot I turn and face Nick, wrapping my arms around his neck. Stare deeply into his eyes and ask the one question that has been on my mind.

“Wanna have sex?”

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