Charlie and the Wolf Pack {30}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty

"No Charlotte, try again" Dram Lady said.

We had been doing the same thing since I fell asleep and I didn't realize you could get tired when you were already sleep. This was stupid but I knew it would help me when I really needed it to, so I tried again. We were back on the beach and I was trying to get the sand to rise from the water and I was supposed to hold it there. This was proving to be harder than it sounds, so far nothing was happening.

"Can I take a break?" I asked.

"No. 'Fille' war waits for no one, try again."

My gods she was a slave driver, I gave a sigh and set off to do it again. The thing was I supposed to use only my witch magic. Okay I could do this, I really could. I just had to work harder. I closed my eyes and focused on the sand in the water. I wanted -no I needed it to rise above, it had to stay in the air.

Move, I am your master, I command you to do as I say, I thought. Then I felt some stir in my blood, my whole body was growing hot. I felt like I was on fire. I heard the sound of water moving. I opened my eyes and they went wide at what I saw. The sand was in the air, and it was staying there but that wasn't all. No the whole ocean was in the air, the water was in the air suspended over us. And the fish were swimming around in the water as if nothing had happened.

"Holy hell, do you see that" I asked amazed that as I was talking the water was still in the air.

"Charlotte, that was not your task try again."

Well what a buzz kill she didn't even say 'good job Charlie that was wonderful' man I couldn't win with this woman.

"That was you using your demon magic not your witch magic, now again."

Fine, gosh. I thought of the sea falling back into where it belonged and it fell. Huh, that was easy, I tired again only the sand was supposed to move this time, I could do that. I was freaking awesome, I could do anything I wanted and you know why because I was Charlie Kane. And yes I know I was full of myself, but it was true.

I closed my eyes, hopping that something would work the way it was supposed to. I felt a rumble in the pit of my stomach, and heard a weird sound. I had no idea what that so I opened my eyes and--

I awoke choking, I looked around and found myself in bed with Nick patting the hell out of my back. I was soaking wet and I was coughing up sand. What the fuck was going on.

"Are you alright? And when the hell did you go to beach?"

"Funny" I said once I could breathe again. "I'm fine.

I looked at myself there was water and sand all on me, and on my side of the bed. Nick was completely dry my God he was so lucky. There was also sand and water on the floor. I shook my head as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. A hot shower would do me good right about now. That was some crazy shit, the dream woke up with me. Wow just wow.

When I got out the shower the room was clean and there were new sheets on the bed, and Nick was laying on the bed like nothing happened. I walked over and kissed him. That man of mine was just awesome.

"Thank you" I said pulling back from the kiss.

"You want to tell what the hell just happened?"

"I wish but I'm not sure I could."

"I'm going to take a shower then we can go eat" Nick said as he walked into the bathroom.

I walked over the closet and found something to wear. I put on a pair of dark blue jean, and red shirt that said 'I Run With Wolves' and a throw back pair of red and black Air Jordans. I put my hair in a side ponytail and I was ready to go, all I had to do now was wait for Nick. While he was other wise busy I sat on the bed and practiced what Dream Lady was trying to teach me. I was staring at the flowers in the vase like they did something to me.

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