Charlie and the Wolf Pack {43}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-Three

"So what you're telling me is that the seven of you went to Demonica the demon realm, where you met Charlie's demon family, swam in a rainbow river, and had a dragon breathe fire at you?" Lily asked sounding very much like someone mother.

"You forgot Hades" I said trying to help.

"And when Zagan's mother slapped the piss out of Charlie" Connor said.

"Nice, Connor" Nick said shaking his head.

"What? You were there Charlie's whole head snapped to the side."

"That all sounds really cool well not the part about Charlie getting slapped" Pam said.

"Yeah, good time" I said dryly. 

"So how long were you looking for us?" Dice asked.

"It was only about five minutes" Rion answered.

"Really that's cool it was like going to Narnia" Brad said.

"Narnia?" Sirena asked. 

"It's a book series were children travel from the real to world to a magical place called Narnia. They spend hours in Narnia and when they return they find that no time at all has pasted" Connor said.

We all just looked at him.

"What?" Connor asked. 

"Again I think this all Lily's fault" Shawn said shaking his head.

"There is nothing wrong with my boy" Lily said sounding upset on her son's behalf. 

"I do read you know" Connor said.

"Amazing, the demon realm" Rion said changing the subject. "Do you think that you will be able to return if you wanted?"

"I don't know, I think maybe I could" I said thinking about it.

"So while everyone was looking for you I called the Blondes" Krystal said. 

I heard Brad laugh and Wade groan.

"Oh thought, can these dragon switch to human form?" Krystal.

Zagan nodded "I heard that, though I have never seen it."

"Do you think they're cute? Maybe I could be the first shifter with a dragon. Just think about it."

I shook my head that girl was something else.

"Well if were done here I'm going to walk my Hellhound around, so he doesn't get lost" I said standing up. "Come on honey, you too Nick."

"Wait, he's honey now?" Nick asked faking hurt.

"We can think of a better name for you, something as sexy as you are" I told him. 

So we decided to walk Hades outside in the gardens where we could truly be alone, I could speak freely and not have to worry about being overheard. Unless someone came outside but if they did we would hear them.

"Do you want kids?" I asked out of nowhere.

"I never really thought about kids, but if you're my baby's mama I wouldn't mind."

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