Charlie and the Wolf Pack {37}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Three days had passed since Zagan entered our realm, and he had been spending his time with Angie. She had been showing him around and teaching about everything earth. In a way it was like a having a child around because he was fascinated by everything. Every few seconds he was asking questions like "what is this?", "how does this work?" or my favorite "how did your friend get inside the phone?" And there was Angie with an answer for everything, it was really cute.

Zagan was showing me how to use my powers and I was getting better I was no where as good as him, I wasn't even in his area but I didn't suck either.

Whenever we practiced magic Angie was there I think my demon had a crush on Angie. And another person with a crush, Brad and Dice. Like no one could tell, Brad was the only person aside from my aunt who could call her Denise. Like I didn't notice that Dice always snuck into his room at night, really who were they kidding.

Brad and I were working on our school work, no matter what was going on in our world I was going to finish high school. We video chatted with Emma so we could all work on it together. I think the school thought we were stupid because they said they gave us different packets. Ah they didn't the packets have all the same questions just in a different order.

Rion was having better luck now that he knew what he was looking for, things became easier to find. In the pat three day he has found five different members of Sangue de Escuredade and had them questioned. At first they all were saying the same thing, they kept telling us that we were going to die and it was getting old. I mean seriously how many does a person have to hear about their own death.

Zagan's P.OV.

I was coming to learn this strange place better. Charlie and her people have been nothing but nice to me and at first I was confused and I was waiting for them to turn on me but they haven't. Where I am from we have stories of all the horrible things that humans have done to us. We were told they were a nasty and disgusting race of people. These humans were different, I could see myself forming a friendship with them.

"Hey here you are" said Angelica from the doorway.

I turned around and smiled now here was a human I could see myself forming more than a friendship with.

"You were looking for me?" I asked.

"Yes, I thought we could watch movies today."

"Movies? This is where we watch tiny people in that box thing?"

"Yeah, only we call it a television or TV for short, the people are not tiny they are actors. Its just like a book only you can see it" she said as she grabbed my hand and led me out of the room.

We made our way to a room with a lot of places to sit and a very big moving picture box. We sat in one of those two person seats.

"Okay so we're going to watch Harry Potter and if you like it we'll watch the other five."

"This Harry Potter is he a friend of yours?" I asked.

"No" Angelica said laughing.

"Alright then let's watch this Harry Potter fellow."

Charlie P.O.V.

I was in the library with the pack, lying on the floor with my nose in a book and Connor's legs across my back.

"Has anyone seen my demon?" I asked.

"He is not your demon" Nick said sound annoyed.

"Someone sounds jealous" Connor said.

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