Charlie and the Wolf Pack {5}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Five


*A Week Later*

I was in school and it was like everyone wanted to be my friend again, everyone was talking to me and it was really starting to piss Lynsay off. I think what really pissed her off more was that Michael was trying to be friends again. She was scared because she knew the truth that if I wanted Michael I could have him but she needed to relax I didn't want her boyfriend.


We had just buried my grandmother and in three days I would be going to live with an aunt I never knew. My life was falling apart but at least I had Michael and Lynsay here to help me. Speaking of them where were they I hadn't seen them in a while but whatever right now. We were back at the house I grew up in, my grandmother's lawyer said that the house and everything in it belonged to me. My grandmother left me stocks and bounds, investments, property and a shit load of cash in different bank accounts so I was set for life and so were my future kids, my far into the future kids.

Everyone was coming up to me saying how sorry the way for my lost and I couldn't take it anymore I needed to be alone. So I went to my bedroom and from the door I could hear moans. I opened the door and I bet I looked like a cartoon character with my eyes popping out of my head and my jaw on the ground. Michael was sitting on my bed with his pants on the floor and Lynsay on the floor between his legs her sucking him off. At first they didn't notice me but then Michael opened his eyes and looked shocked like he couldn't believe I was here.

"Right, so get the hell out both of you and take the blanket with you" I said.

"Shit, Char, wait listen" Michael said he stood and was trying to pull his pants up.

I turned my back to them and was about to walk out of the door when Michael grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face him.

"What do you want Michael?"

"Yeah what do you want Michael?" Lynsay said standing and the double meaning wasn't lost on me.

"Char, you know I want you, anything you want say it and it’s yours, I only want you" Michael told me.

I looked at Lynsay who was suppose to be my best friend standing in my bedroom, the same bedroom that we used to have sleep over's and tell our secrets to each other in. She was standing there now with her hand on her hips like she had a reason to be mad. She had a lot of nerve, I shook my head, some friend I had.

"Anything I want Michael?" I asked and Michael nodded his head "So if I said I want you to stop speaking to Lynsay, if I said I didn't want you be to her friend anymore, that I didn't want you hanging out her or seeing her anymore, then what?"

"Baby if that's what you want, then I promise" Michael said really fast not stopping to even think about it.

"Really Michael you would just give me up?" Lynsay asked looking pissed.

"Yes, if that's what Char wants, I would do anything for her" Michael said never taking his eyes off me.

"No worries Lynsay I don't want either of you" I turned to Michael "What I want is for both of you to leave, get out now and don't call me again. Ever."

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