Charlie and the Wolf Pack {6}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Six

Her smell hit me hard I turned behind me and looked at the guys their faces matched, pure shock and I knew mine was the same. She pulled us into the house passed her mother who was still holding the door open into the living room where her father and younger sister were.

                "Who the hell are they?" Mr. Wallace yelled "Is it one of them? Which one got you in trouble? Sure he likes you now because girls like you are easy, just happy that boys are even looking at you. But honestly do you think he'll still want you after this and who will be stuck taking care of you? Us."

"No one asked you to take care of her we don't need your help with anything" Connor said.

Whoa I was shocked Emma pregnant who the hell would have thought I looked to Nick he held my hand and watched his brother.

"She will get rid of this baby and you young man will stop seeing my daughter" Mr. Wallace said.

Both Connor and Emma opened their mouths to say something but Nick turned to them and said, "Stop everyone shut up" her parents opened their mouths but Nick just stared at them. "I think Connor and Emma need to talk, you two get moving I really don't want be here all night."

The two of them went upstairs, Nick turned to her parents "Really this has nothing to do with you, it's their baby and in the end its all about what the two of them think is best."

No one said a word Nick and I stood by the door waiting after about ten minute Connor and Emma came back downstairs holding three bags.

"We think it's better if I don't live here anymore I'm pregnant and Connor and I want to keep our baby."

"You think this boy won't leave you? You think he cares about you, get out and do not come back here" Mr. Wallace said.

So in the end the four of us walked out of the door seven bags. Nick drove the car home, Connor sat in the back holding onto his pregnant mate. Everyone was still up when we got home.

"Hey guys is everything alrig-" Dante started but stopped when the smell of Emma hit him.

I shook my head and no one said anything as watched Connor and Emma walked up the stairs to "their room".

 That night Nick and I laid in bed holding each other "today was crazy huh?"

"Sure was I can't believe they're having a baby" I said.

                "Seriously I thought it would be us to have a baby first" I just looked up at him.

"Why would you think that?"

"Girl, are you serious with the way we go at it. I swear you are one the horniest people I have ever meet it would just make sense."

"Yeah I guess" I turned to him in the face "do you think they're ready for this? Do you think they'll be okay?"

"I don't know if they're ready but they'll be fine they have each other and the pack" he was right we would have they're back. There were no sex that night.

"Hello" I said into my phone not caring that I sounded angry after all it was seven in the morning and there was no school someone had better be dying.

"Charlie Kane?"

"Who the fuck is this?"

"Marissa Handler" she said and you had got to be kidding me.

"Why are you on my phone so early and how did you get my number?"

"I know a few people but that's not why I called Joyce said you had yet to meet with them I calling to remind you they were still in your city." This bitch.

"Marissa let's get a few things clear first off never call me early again no better yet never call me again. I know that they're still here. You need me so I think you should respect the fact that I haven't killed all the bitches you sent to my city unannounced. Shit your lucky I'm nice otherwise I'd come to New Jersey. Now I'll meet them and you when I'm good and fucking ready." I hung up who the hell did she think she was.

The bedroom door opened and Nick walked in holding a tray of food. Gods this was a reason I kept this guy around he knew how to treat me. He got in the bed and I kissed him over the tray "I love you."

"I love you too Charlie."

"Nick" I said as we finished eating "do you ever have doubts about being Alphas I mean are we doing the right thing taking control, we are really young."

"Sometimes, I'm not sure but I think that's what makes us good the fact that we're unsure. But then I think what if my dad or your aunt was still in control. My father would still be beating my brother and cousins, your aunt would still hate you and be trying to kill you."

                He was right all I want is for my pack and myself to be safe and happy. I took the tray to the kitchen and found Connor in there looking out the widow. "Hey."

                "Hey" he said without the usual happy tone I loved.

                "You okay, do you want to talk about it?"

                "I don't know maybe" he sounded young.

                "You want to take a walk?" He nodded his head and we left the house walking in the mass of trees in our backyard. At first no one said a word I knew that sometimes you had sit back and let them talk.

                "I'm scared, Charlie, can you see it me as a father and can you imagine what she's going through she has nothing and it's all my fault."

                "Connor no one is at fault here you two love each other, your mates, it's meant to be. So you guys got pregnant earlier than you would have liked. But it doesn't mean that she has nothing she has everything that matters she has a family that loves her and will help. She has a home to bring this baby to, the means to care of it we have more than enough money and are more than happy to share. And most important she has you, her mate, the man that loves her, the father of her baby, you'll do whatever is in within your power to give her what she needs."

He hugged me the two of us stood there hugging, I knew we would be okay all of us.

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