Charlie and the Wolf Pack {12}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twelve

"Krystal, Wade, Angelica come with me, Pam get the cage ready, Danny go get the needle."

Angelica Ramirez was a twenty-one year old witch, she was half black, half Spanish. Danny knew what needle I was talking about the one that knocks a shifter out in about two seconds, Danny invented it. Danny left the room to do what I said Connor handed me some water and I threw it back like it was a shot a Jack Daniels. Danny came back and passed me the needle. I put in my pocket then the four of us was out the door.

Wade wanted to know where we were going so I told him Della's.

"The pie shop?" Angelica asked.

"Yup that's where Claire is going to be" I said.

"Holy crap, how do you know that?" Krystal asked.

I smiled "Because I'm a kick ass witch."

Wade was driving like a bat out of hell, I was just hoping we didn't get pulled over by the police. Della's was only twenty minutes from us if we took the highway, and with the way Wade was driving we got there in fifteen.

"Wade park over by the tress, stay in the shadows, Angie I need you make sure she can't smell us."

So we sat there and waited but didn't have to wait long, fifteen minutes later I smelt Claire. She pulled up in a light blue Ford Focus, Eww, really. I was just really shocked that my family wanted me dead what bugged me about the whole thing was that I had never did anything to them to get us to this place. We waited until she was in the store then Angie got out and did a spell around Claire's car. As Angie got back in the car only this time she was going to drive. Claire walked out of the store holding a pie box.

Claire got in her car and pulled out of the parking lot, we followed a safe ways behind her. Finally we were the only two cars on the road, we were in the backwoods, just in the middle of nowhere there was nothing but trees. I nodded to Angie who mumbled a spell under her breath and the next thing we knew Claire had a flat tire.

Wade and Krystal got out closer to the trees, we drove over to Claire who was now on the floor checking her tires, she stood up and faced the car. I rolled down the tinted passenger's side window.

"You need some help?" I asked, smiling.

Her eyes as went wide she jumped back in her car where Krystal was waiting in the front seat and Wade was in the back, Angie was doing a good job masking our scents. Wade grabbed Claire by the back of her neck holding her in place. Krystal stabbed Claire in the arm with the needle, which knocked her out. They tied her up in ropes, then threw her in the trunk. Wade and Krystal drove Claire's car back to the house. By the time we got home and threw Claire on the basement floor she was still passed out.

"Holy fuck bucket, how did you know she was going to be there?" Pam asked.

"Well apparently I'm Demonkind and I'm awesome, now is everyone ready to go wake up the wolf?"

When we got to the basement Connor threw hot water on Claire. She jumped awake and her eyes went wide as she took all of us in.

"Hey cousin" I said.

"Why am I here?"

"Claire are you really that dumb, why do you think you're here?"

"I'm not telling any of you a thing so you'll just have to kill me."

"We're going to kill you anyway, but I want to know- you know what you don't have to tell me a thing."

Just then Claire's phone rang.

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