Charlie and the Wolf Pack {36}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Six

I could lie to you say that I kicked his purple ass but that’s not what happened at all what did happen was I panicked. Don’t judge me, you would have too if you woke up to find a big purple man trying to kill you. My eyes went wide I had no clue what the hell to do, but thank the heavens for Nick. He woke and didn’t hesitate, he shifted fast and slammed into the demon. Knocking them both into the wall. The demon recovered fast and threw Nick off of him, back onto the bed with me. With Nick safely beside me I put my hands out in front of me and the demon hit an invisible wall. He looked around and he seemed unsure, then suddenly the door opened showing Connor, Krystal, Wade, and Shawn. His Purpleness moved back away from out guest, and he kept moving until he hit his back against the wall.

“What the hell is going on and who the fuck is this” Shawn asked.

“And most important what’s happening to Charlie?” Krystal threw in.

“One thing at a time, what’s happening to me?’ I asked getting out of bed.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror next to the dresser and Oh My Zeus. My eyes were violet, the same shades as Bael’s human eyes. Running down my arms and my legs were thick black intertwining lines, black horns on my head and I had small black wings.

“What the hell?”

“You must be part Demonkind” said his purpleness.

I turned around to face him, now I got to really look at him. He was dark purple, his eyes were pitch black. His wings and horns were black and he had those intertwining line, only his were gold.

“How do I turn back?” I asked.

“You only have to think of yourself changing back.”

So that’s what I did, I wanted to be me again and I found that it was easy. I was back there were no horns or wings and my eyes were grey again.

“That’s better, now how the hell are you here and what the fuck was that?”

“I am Zagan, and where am I? What is this place?” He sounded nervous.

“You’re in Connecticut. And again I ask what the hell was that, you were trying to kill me because?”

“I wasn’t trying to kill you at least I don’t think. I don’t understand, what is a Connecticut?”

“Connecticut is a place in the human realm where you are right now. We are shifters. And I don’t understand either, how are you here?”

“I am not sure, one moment I was home in my cave and the next I was here with my hands around your neck” Zagan said causing Nick to growl.

Well that was not helpful at all.

“Just so I’m all caught up, purple dude is a demon?” Connor asked and Zagan nodded. “Okay, so how the hell are you here? I mean aren’t you suppose to be locked away in hell?”

“We are or we have been, but I felt a pull and though I tried to fight it I came here” Zagan said then he turned to me. “May I touch you?”

“Not if you want to keep your hand” Wade said.

“I will not harm her” Zagan said.

“Right because your hands around her neck were you wanting to braid her hair” Nick said.

Zagan looked thoughtful for a moment then he said, “I swear it by the river Juslisen.”

Well that was good enough for me Bael said Juslisen was a sacred river in Demonica and in swearing by it you were making an unbreakable vow.

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