Charlie and the Wolf Pack {14}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Fourteen

We were back home, cooling down before we headed back out it was getting dark so we were going to leave in two hours. Creating a portal and taking all of us wasn't easy and I was tired so I was going to eat and then go take a nap. Clarissa and the girls were dead, in the end we untied them because it was just no fun killing someone that couldn't fight back. Clarissa was tough I'll give her that but in the end she wasn't as tough as she should have been. Krystal went to work on Cathlyn and it was really nasty. Blood and body parts everywhere, I think there's something really wrong with Krystal. Lily killed Claire, it was really ruthless. Lily said she didn't like bitches messing with her baby. Note to self always stay on Lily's good side.

An hour after I laid down to take my nap I was up again and I felt good, now it was time to visit with Marissa. Only this time we were gonna have to go about it a different way, we were going to call Marissa and track the call to see where she was. I walked to the sublevel of the house, it was a big room under the basement. Down here was where Danny's lab was, also there was an escape exit down here just in case, we could come here in case of emergency. We got to the lab and went straight to work, I pulled out Olivia's phone and called Marissa.

"Olivia is that you?" Marissa asked.

I waited a while before talking then said, "Nope its Charlie."

"Why are you calling me? Where is Olivia?"

"I was calling to chat but I get the feeling that you don't want to talk to me."

"Of course I don't want to talk to you and why should I last I check we were enemies and wanted each other dead. Now what I want is to know what you have done with my wolf."

"Whoa, no need to be like that, I do have a question for you. Do you really think you can win this?"

"Of course we can win because we're smarter than you. . ."

She was like a cartoon villain because she kept talking, she was going on about how smart she was. We we're dumb and how we we're going to be killed like the stupid animals we we're and how she was going to laugh about it. In my head I was laughing about it because, this was just too funny. You would think if she was so smart she would know when to shut the hell up, she went on for almost three minutes. I looked over to Danny who nodded his head and I knew we got her.

"Okay so see you soon" I said hanging up the phone.

"She's New Jersey" Danny said giving off an address.

"That's the Pack house" Olivia said.

"Okay people are we ready?" I asked.

Everyone nodded their heads that meant it was go time. I was going to open a portal in Marissa's house in Olivia's bedroom. It should be easier because I had Olivia here to think about it and I knew the address. Most of us were going the ones staying behind were Abby, Emma, Brad, Elizabeth, and most of the Coven. I stood next to Olivia putting my hand on her shoulder, trying to make this as easy for us as possible. Olivia was picturing her bedroom and it worked because there it was in front us that blurry window again. We all steeped through leaving Olivia and myself for last, once we were through the portal closed behind us. Angelica put a spell on the room to soundproof it. I looked around the room and noticed it was plain, there were no pictures, and there was nothing personal about it. It was like she didn't want to stay here.

The plan here wasn't just to kill everyone, it was to kill Marissa and anyone who tried to defend her. So this was going to be hard because this was a house full of people, people like children who had no part in this fight. But I had a plan, one that was sure to work as long as we made it to the living room without anyone noticing us and causing attention.

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