Charlie and the Wolf Pack {25}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Five

The next day we all were sitting around together talking and eating and plain ole' having a good time. We were listening to Lily tell us how one day she came home to find Connor in the washing machine.

"I swear I came home and was getting clothes out of the laundry room, I walked passed the washing machine and heard a thump. Almost gave me a heart attack mind you, I open it and there my baby is tied up sitting in an almost filled washing machine. I didn't what to do or who to be mad at."

I started laughing just thinking about Connor in a washing machine.

"Remember when we got in trouble because Nick started a fight with Ashton Hall and Ash told his football player cousins, who came and wanted to fight" Connor said.

"No that was not my fault you're the one who punched Ashton in the face when he caught you with his girlfriend, and you were dating his sister at the time" Nick said.

"I remember that Pam and I beat Ashton's sister and girlfriend. That was- wait you remember that?" Krystal said.

Everyone stopped talking then looked at Nick, who looked like he couldn't believe what he'd just said.

"Yeah I remember that, everyday Ashton came back with new buddies for us to fight, we had to nearly kill one of them to make them stop" Nick said.

Still everyone continued to look at Nick and I could tell it was starting to get on his nerves.

"After we kill whoever we need to Lily and I are going on a vacation" Shawn said.

"Really where?" Angelica asked.

"Who knows. Some place we can run around."

Everyone went back to talking and eating, everyone but Nick that was. It might have looked like he was paying attention but I knew him and I could tell he was thinking about something.

"Hey will you come with me to find Sirena?" Nick asked.

I nodded and the two of us left to Sirena. We found her in her office and she was with Rion. Nick and I sat down.

"Dominic, Charlotte, how can I help the two of you?" Sirena asked.

I had no clue so I looked to Nick.

"I need to know about the Kings you fought in your time as Queen" Nick said.

"Why ever would you need to know that?"

"No idea, I just know it's important."

"Okay. There have only been a few vampire Kings. There was Ambroise, he was French. Then Elnzo, Gaylord, Maison, and Palen. I fought all those men because they wanted to take me a bride because they thought me weak and they wanted to rule my land. The only King I ever who didn't want me as a wife was one of the best I'd fought. Cormack Magnus."

"That's it. I remember what happened" Nick said.

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