Charlie and the Wolf Pack {32}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirty-Two

When we got downstairs Eli told us that Sirena had Megan in her office and she would like both of us in there. So Nick and I walked to her office, when we got there I knocked on the door softly and Rion opened it. Sitting in the chair in front of Sirena's desk was a female, she turned to face us. She had brown eyes, and light brown hair, she was cute, this was the real Megan Barrett. Aside from her Sirena and Penny were also in the room.

"Are they more guards? " Megan asked nodding at me and Nick.

"Ms. Barrett, your Chevy truck where is it?" Sirena asked jumping right into business and completely ignoring Megan's question.

"My ex has it, is that really important? Oh my stars, did he get in trouble with the vampires?" Megan asked.

"This ex, what is his name?" Sirena asked.

"Maddix Cruz, why is something wrong?"

"And where can we find this Maddix?" Sirena asked.

Sirena caught my eye and I nodded knowing what she wanted. I pulled out my cell phone and texted Danny, I told him to look up Maddix Cruz.

'U got it boss' Danny texted back two seconds later.

"He works at 'Ride' it's a garage, what's going on?"

"When's the last time you spoke to him?" Sirena asked totally ignoring her question again.

Megan stood up and she was pissed "Stop ignoring my questions and tell me what the hell is going on!"

Rion, Nick and Penny tensed up ready to move if they needed to, Sirena just sat back in her chair as if she wasn't worried.

"You need to sit back down and relax" I said.

Megan turned to face me she looked really pissed off.

"I'll sit down when someone tells me what the hell is going."

"Either you sit or I'll make you" I told her.

She looked like she wanted to argue but she was outnumbered so she sat down.

"Now the last time you spoke to Mr. Cruz?" Sirena asked as if nothing happened.

"Three days ago when he came and get the car, he paid for it so I guess its his car."

Sirena nodded her head while looking down at her phone for half a second, she picked her head up and smiles.

"Well that is all, Penny please see to it that Ms. Barrett finds here way home" Sirena said.

"Wait, that's it you want me to leave now?" Megan asked clearly confused.

"That will be all, if we need you we need know where to find you. Penny will see you home" Sirena said.

Penny snapped to attention and was leading out of the room. No one said anything until we knew it was clear.

"Danny is a God send" Sirena said smiling to herself.

A minute later there was a knock on the door which Rion opened and in walked Danny, Wade, Connor and Brad. It was really made me laugh that no one seemed to notice that Brad was human. Everyone showed him things and spoke to him like he was one of us. I guess he was one of us now.

"So what's this?" Rion asked as he closed the door.

Sirena nodded to Danny who started talking "Well I looked up Maddix Cruz and when I found him I did a little more digging. Now I know everything about him, his address, bank statements, phone numbers. Everything."

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