Charlie and the Wolf Pack {13}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirteen

"Okay does everyone know what they're going to do?" I asked and everyone nodded their heads.

That was it, no turning back now! We were gathered in Nick's office again most of us were wearing sweatpants and baggy T-shirts in case we had to shift. 

Shawn walked in the room with a still tied up Claire "she says there should only be five people in the house, isn't that right Claire?"

She nodded her head. Only five people that was awesome.

"Are we ready people?" Connor asked standing on my right side. I was going to keep him by my side the whole time, even though I knew he could take care of himself.

"Charlie do you want her awake or passed out?" Danny asked.

"Keep her awake but I don't want to hear her" Danny nodded, "Oaky people let's do this."

I stood in the middle of the office with my eyes closed, picturing a portal opening up in Clarissa's house. I had been practicing making portals all day, it was working. I didn't need anyone to think about anything. The plan was easy we were going to go in and kill everyone, not bad right. We weren't all going it was only going to be me, Connor, Krystal, Pam, Danny, Stephan, Angelica, Jeremy Scott and Lily who said she would kill the bitches that hurt her son. Jeremy Scott a nineteen year old wizard. Pam was holding Claire, Abby and Angelica came up with this drink that made sure others couldn't scent us. It was awesome.

Finally the portal opened and it was time to go, Pam slung Claire over her shoulder and we all stepped through the portal. We were in a living room and it was an okay one to bad it was going to get messy.

I turned to the guy and in low whisper I asked, "Ready?"

"You ready to go?" Said a voice from upstairs that I've never heard before.

"Yes, I can't believe that bitch has my sister, I'm going to kill her and anyone who gets in my way, that mate of hers is dead too." Now that was a voice I knew, Clarissa. "Susie go downstairs and make sure everything is ready, I'll be down in a minute."

I nodded to Pam who moved near the stairs, we could hear Susie coming down the stairs. Then a tall black girl walked to the living room her eyes went wide when she saw us. That's when Pam came up behind her and snapped her neck, Pam dragged the body further into the room and hid the body on the floor behind the couch.

Slowly and in groups of two we walked out of the room heading in different directions. Connor and I went upstairs in the direction we heard Clarissa's voice come from, out of the three of them Clarissa was the strongest so I went after her. she was in the second room on the left and she wasn't alone, she was with a male. Connor and I was about to open the door but before we could we heard soft footsteps behind us. I turned ready to kill a wolf but it was only Pam and she was without Claire, I went over to her.

Softly and low in my ear she said, "We have both sister and we took out one guy there's no one else but the two up here." I nodded, she went back downstairs.

Now it was time for me and Connor to do our thing, let the fun begin. I sniffed the doorway lightly before going inside, the male was right on the door and Clarissa was on the far right side of the room. I kicked the door open, jumping to the right side of the room out of the way. Connor came in behind me grabbing the dude by the neck while punching him in the face. I grabbed Clarissa by the hair, and yes I know hair pulling is such a chick thing but it hurts like hell. She screamed, I kicked her then she slapped me and I was mad. I mean really! Obviously I'm here to kill you and you slap me? I knocked her feet from out under her and she fell I straddled her chest, pinning her arms and legs to her side.

"You half-blood bitch! Let me go!" She yelled. Yeah right that was gonna happen.

"Sure I'll get right on that" I snorted.

Connor was fighting that other dude who was huge, he was like a fricking linebacker. He punched Connor in the face but that didn't slow my brother down. Nope, Connor just took the punch like it was nothing. He wore that playful smile he always had on, and it was kind of funny to see him using it in the middle of a fight. He was punching dude in the face so hard it was making my face hurt. But then I realized he was only playing with the dude who looked like he was putting his all into the fight. I felt Clarissa beneath me trying to get away, this was so funny. I grabbed her neck, banging her head against the floor, I knew she was probably dizzy. Then there was a snap, Connor broke dude's arm.

"Look dude, I'm all about being fair so if this isn't your fight just say so and you can leave" I said.

He looked over to Clarissa who was mouthing the world 'leave' to him. And dude shock his head.

"Kendrick this has nothing to do with you just leave" Clarissa pleaded.

"No I won't leave you" dude, Kendrick said while trying to get out of Connor's hold.

"Just so you know she's going to die anyway so really staying would be stupid" I told him.

"I'll kill you all" Kendrick said.

"Wrong answer" Connor said then broke Kendrick's neck.

"No! You assholes!" Clarissa said "Where are my sisters?"

"Come on Princess, let's go see them" I said standing up and taking Clarissa with me.

I dragged her down the stairs and into the living room were everyone was waiting. You would have thought my pack would have their mean faces on but no they all looked like what we were doing was no big deal, like they did it every day. We walked in the room and Angelica came forward pushing her hands out, ropes wrapped themselves around Clarissa. I then threw her down on the floor next to her sisters.

"So guys how's it going?" I asked.

"You stupid bitch, who do you think you are!" Cathlyn yelled.

"No need to yell I'm right here" I said.

"You think just because you're a witch you're so much better than us but you're not. If you were better you would have come and challenged me to a fair fight" Clarissa said.

"Oh no don't go throwing the fair challenge card over here because you could've come and challenged me but you guys were being a bag of pussies, so shut up."

"You think because you kill us that this will be over but it won't" Cathlyn said.

"My gods, shut up. Kris I said you could have one so take your pick" I said.

"Awesome, um let me see which one of you wants to die and nasty painful death?" Krystal asked and the crazy thing was she was really wanting for an answer. Like one of them was really going to raise their hand and say oh me.

"Kris really no one wants a death by you" Wade told her.

"Okay fine, how about this iny miny miny mo" Krystal said pointing back and forth between the sisters finally landing on Cathlyn. "This one, and I'll make these two to watch, what do you think?"

"If that's what you want Kris its fine with me, just make it quick" I told her.

But something wasn't sitting right with me about this, was I the only one that thought it was two easy and what about shadow dude.

"Hey Clary, w-ho was that person you were talking to, the one you wanted to know if they did their part?" I asked not that I thought she was going to give me the answer.

"Why should I tell you anything?" Clarissa asked.

"Because Kris is going to have major fun with your sister" I told her.

The three sisters looked at each other and the fear was evident in their eyes. They looked like they wanted to say something but then Clarissa just smiled. And that smile told me I wasn't going to know shit, and it was all I needed.

"Fine, Kris do your thing" I smiled too, showing fangs.

Krystal had a dangerous smile on herself as she walked forward, cracking her knuckles.

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