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the white liter who stole my heart by margaret32166657574
the white liter who stole my heartby margaret32166657574
Hi my name is sahra pivit and I am the youngest sister of maci mell and madison but they don't now I'm there sister yet me neither its a long story any way I'm getting o...
  • charmed
  • wicthes
  • love
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Moonlight  by tvsmultifandom
Moonlight by Follow ur faith
Supernatural creatures hid in the dark for years not wanting to be found and hiding in their separate packs but trouble comes when packs break apart into enemies.
  • supernatural
  • omega
  • wicthes
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Everybody has serets by KaramIsaB
Everybody has seretsby Kiranna
Sarah runs away from home and not by chose at the age of 5. She falls out on there porch at 5 years old and they keep her ever since . She grows up with the couple and t...
  • fiction
  • wicthes
  • adventure
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Stay Gold by LetMeEatACookie
Stay Goldby Reverus Rape
Idk I'll come up with it later.
  • wicthes
  • isuck
  • gold
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Darkness which once was beautiful. by Elizabeth_Marieex
Darkness which once was beautiful.by E.L.
Dreams are only dreams, mother said. Legends are only legends, mother said Myths are only Myths, mother said Close your eyes and say i'm not afraid that is how you sla...
  • shadowhunters
  • demigods
  • dark
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Blood Line by WendolynJMartinez
Blood Lineby Wendolyn Martinez
You think your school is crazy? Think again. Welcome to Triskele Academy home during the school year and year round to supernatural beings and gifted. The reason there t...
  • angels
  • vampire
  • werewolf
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Emerald the great by ms_khaya
Emerald the greatby Here I am
As Emerald Walter ,oves to Middleburgh strange things keep on happening and very odd visits from animals , warlocks and her witch grandmother .What is happening to her...
  • emerald
  • wicthes
Witches and Life by Aimaichi
Witches and Lifeby Asada Shino
Sky is a normal girl that was adopted but she later finds that she has more power than she thought she had. Will she end up being a hero or destroy us all.
  • magic
  • wizards
  • fanfic
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The Only Ones by honeyedcarma13
The Only Onesby B
Valerie Blackbourne is not ordinary. She interacts and talks to vampires, but there is something about her that's "ordinary". She isn't one herself. Then she...
  • love
  • vampires
  • engaged
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Supernaturals by GodwinY
Supernaturalsby GodwinY
the world isnt safe any more
  • vampires
  • wicthes
  • hunters
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Somewhere only we know by Alwaysshannon143
Somewhere only we knowby Shannon
  • wicthes
  • wizardry
  • love
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The Casters by jcstories34
The Castersby jere'
ezra stays in seatle with her family for thanksgiving break, something strange lies in the house. all leading to a dark road of mysteries..
  • fantasy
  • wicthes
  • paranormal
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Short Scary Stories by jazlynn1
Short Scary Storiesby jazlynn1
Short Scary Story's. These are short little stories that give you goosebumps and chills. Everyone just needs a little scariness once and a while so why not this.
  • werewolf
  • paranormal
  • scary
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-inferno! by planvets
-inferno!by —nicole
some people just wanna wacth the world burn. as the ashes fall to the ground, some people just wanna feel a blaze as everything they know falls and crashes to the grou...
  • themerge
  • gods
  • hell
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