Charlie and the Wolf Pack {20}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty

I woke with a start. Man that was some dream I had, it seemed so real but if only. I pushed my hand through my hair only it got struck in the middle of my head, when I took it out I noticed something on my hand. Something I hadn't gone to sleep with. It was the ring dream lady gave me, I looked at the ring it was beautiful, gold with three deep green stones in it. And- wait a second if the ring is real then the dream was real and if the dream was real that meant. . . Holy smokes!

I hopped out of the chair like it was on fire. And just like any other vampire I could make my fangs enlarge when I needed them and shrink when I didn't. And right now I needed them so I made them longer, I slit my wrist with a fang and let the blood flow into Nick's mouth. It was hard. I had to hold his mouth open to make sure the blood went down his throat, then every minute I had to reopen the wound. My body was healing itself faster than Nick could get the blood. This wasn't working.

I ran out of the room like a bat out of hell, I went looking for Connor and Rion. I was so focused on finding one of the two that I ran right into Brad, sending us both flying.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm good, where are you in such a big hurry to get to?"

"I'm looking for Connor or Rion have you seen them?"

"Yup, I just left them in the library" Brad answered.

"Good thanks" I said as I started to walk away, "hey wait I could use your help, could you find your grandmother then meet me in Nick's room?"

I didn't wait for an answer I just took off to the library. When I got there I found both Connor and Rion, they were talking but stopped when they saw me.

"Charlie, what's going on?" Connor asked.

"Guys I need you both, come on" I said as I headed out of the library.

When we got to Nick's room Abby and Brad were there waiting.

"Abby I need you to do a silence spell on the room, Rion I need needles, we have to take my blood."

Abby did the spell, Brad locked the doors and opened the one that led to Sirena's room.

"Okay Charlie what's going on?" Rion asked.

"I want to try something that might help them, I think I know what's wrong."

"Well what's wrong?" Brad asked.

"Well I think they we're poisoned with Thesiis. It's a demon poison" I said.

"If it's demon, how would the two of them have gotten in their systems?" Rion asked. And only then did I realize how that sounded.

"Let's just try it and if it doesn't work at least we tried something" I said.

"Okay lets do" Connor said.

Rion used the needles to take my blood and when the needles were full Brad handed me a cookie.

"So now what?" Abby asked.

"Now we inject them with my blood" taking the juice Abby gave me.

"Are you sure about this?" Connor asked.

"I'm not sure about anything anymore" I answered.

Rion nodded his head in understanding, then he moved to inject both Sirena and Nick with my blood, Vampires and shifters didn't get sick nor did they catch any disease, so sharing needle and blood with them wasn't dangerous. We sat there for five minutes before anything happened. Sirena opened her eyes, she looked around the room clearly confused. Rion watched her looking like the happiest man alive.

"My Queen, do you need blood?" Rion asked.

Sirena nodded her head, and Rion left the room to get blood. When he came back about five seconds later, and gave Sirena a bag of blood. She took the bag from and held his hand while drinking it.

"Dante? Tell me he isn't-" Sirena said when she finished her blood.

"He's gone" I said in a small voice.

"He came to my recue, he gave his life for mine" Sirena said taking another bag from Rion.

"I suppose you want to know what happened."

"Of course we do but that can wait for right now" Rion told her.

She looked around the room taking in everything around her.

"What has happened to Nick?"

"He was poisoned, the same as you we thought you were going to die, it had been really scary."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, how long was I out?"

"Two long weeks" Brad said.

"Two weeks? What the hell, ah who are you by the way?" Sirena asked.

"That's Brad a friend of mine from school and this is his grandmother Abby, she's a witch."

"Well, its wonderful to meet you both though I do wish it was under better circumstances. Connor my sweetie come and give me a kiss."

Connor walked to Sirena, wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her cheek. She smiled at him and I was truly happy that she was awake. We sat there for another twenty minutes waiting for Nick to wake up. Dream Lady said not to worry if it takes a while but I was getting worried what if I was too late.

"Tell me what else has happened" Sirena said.

"Both you and Nick being poisoned and among the dead we have Dante, Reggie, Mara and Eliis" Rion said.

"Mara?" Sirena said in a sad voice.

"Yes, I am sorry my queen."

"You have done nothing wrong" Sirena told Rion and then we all just sat around.

After another ten minutes the machine by Nick's bed started to beep like crazy. I looked at Rion because I was no doctor I didn't know what the fuck that meant.

"I'm going to get mom" Connor said running out of the room.

"Rion what does that mean is he okay?"

"Relax 'lup mic' he will be fine" Rion said and sorry if I didn't believe him.

(A/N: Lup Mic means 'little wolf' in Romanian)

But then Nick's eyes opened and I let out a sigh of relief. Nick looked confused and I couldn't blame him. I went to the mini-fridge and got a bottle a water, I held the bottle for him so he could drink it.

"Charlie what's going on?" Nick asked.

"Baby I'm not really sure but none of that matters right now" I said.

"Charlie come here."

"I don't want to overwhelm you" I said with tears in my eyes.

"Don't cry baby, come here" Nick said.

I walked over and got in the bed with him, he held me close and wiped away my tears. All this crying was starting to make me mad, I wasn't used to crying.

"Stop crying" Nick told me.

"I thought I was going to lose you."

"Baby you couldn't lose me if you tried" he told me.

He kissed me and he tasted like home. I was going crazy thinking he was going to die. Just then the rest of the Pack came in, people were crying and the guys were laughing.

"Man I thought we lost you" Connor said.

"Yeah man, you scared the shit out of us" Wade said.

"Oh my lord, baby don't ever do that again, you almost gave me a heartache" Lily said.

She grabbed Nick and held him close, Nick watched me with confused eyes.

"Charlie who are these people?" Nick asked.

Oh shit!


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