Charlie and the Wolf Pack {23}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Three

"Charlie make them go away" Nick said in a sleepy voice.

I rolled over in bed and looked around what the hell was going on, make who go away? I was about to ask but I didn't have to because I could smell them. Brad, Krystal, and Danny were at the door.

"Charlie, come out and play" Krystal sang like a crazy person. What was I talking about she was a crazy person.

"Come on guys get up" Danny said.

"Alright give us ten minutes" I said rubbing my eyes.

"Okay, we'll be in the library" Brad said.

I could hear them walking away and once they were gone I sat up and headed off too the shower, which I enjoyed. I enjoyed more when Nick joined me saying that it would be better if we shared, so we could save water. Twenty minutes later we left the room and found ourselves in the library with the guys. I was sitting in Nick's lap with my head against his chest and his arms around me. I sighed if only I could stay like this forever, locked in his embrace.

"So what did Olivia say?" Connor asked Wade walked into the room.

"Nothing really, she was telling about some wolf in the pack with a bad perm."

"Yeah don't you just hate it when that happens?" Brad asked. "But on the serious side do you think Michael and Lynsay told anyone what they saw?"

"Of course not those asshole were too afraid to say anything" Luke said.

"I've been thinking" Krystal started and everyone groaned because nothing good could ever come from Krystal thinking.

"Stop it ya'll. People's lives would be better if this Lynsay girl wasn't around right? So I was thinking maybe-"

"No you can not make her disappear" I said cutting her off.

"Yeah we have enough to worry about without throwing some human into the mix" Nick said.

"You know I was wondering something" Brad said. "How come there's no husband? I mean your aunt has been around for a while right? Well isn't it a little odd for a queen to never have had a king?"

Everyone looked at one another because yeah it was a little weird, none of the other Queens ruled without a king. Then a thought came to me maybe Sirena hadn't looked for a mate because she already had a man in life. Even if she hasn't admitted to herself or anyone else, tough I wasn't going to say that out loud. The conversation then moved from Sirena lack of love life to the topic of food. All kinds of food the kind you hunted, the kind you caught and the kind you brought.

"What's wrong?" I asked Nick, quietly because I just knew something was bothering him.

"King. I feel like I should remember something about a king" he said.

I really had no idea what to say or do about that. Lately Nick had been obsessed with kings or at least one king. Thought he had no clue who it was or why it was important. I really wished somebody could tell me who to kill so I could be done with it already. I was really tired of feeling useless and not knowing what to do.

"You want to go for a walk?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's a good idea" Nick said.

"Hey guys we'll be back" I said to everyone else.

Nick and I stood and left, we went outside and it made me realize it had been a while since I was last outside. We walked through the garden hand in hand and in this moment I felt safe. Even with everything going on Nick is always my safe place. No words needed to be spoken between us and it was one of the many things I loved about being with Nick. At first I used to think he just liked to ignore people. But I soon realized he was always thinking and he just lived in his head, it's what made him a good Alpha.

"So" I said after a while "do you want to talk about kings?"

"Maybe" he paused "yeah I do."

So we sat down next to a patch of flowers Nick sat with his back to a tree with me in his lap.

"Okay so let's talk, what kind of king is it? Do you think he's old or maybe from the past?"

"I don't know. My gut is telling the king himself isn't the problem but he is just as important."

Okay, well that was a start at least we were getting somewhere.

"I keep getting the picture of fangs whenever I think of the king, but that could be a vampire or any shifter."

"True. But you shouldn't push so hard, things like this should come to you. When you think of kings just let the thoughts flow."

"Are you trying to sound smart?"

I smiled and asked, "Is it working?"

"Not really."

"You asshole."

"Maybe but you still love me."

"Always" I said.

Then for a really long time after that we just sat there and relaxed in each others embrace. I missed this, just being with my mate. The two of us just being together without troubles or worries. Not that we could really do that now, we could pretend at least for a little while.

Sitting here not saying anything left me free to think and Dream Lady came to mind. I only thought of her for like a second before moving on. Because you are was what she said to me and I really sure what she meant. I hate when people don't just don't say what's on their minds. But whatever what I really wanted to know is how were we going find Clayton and Barron. And how was I going to help to get his memory back. Suddenly the wind shifted and the air got colder causing me shiver, grinding against Nick who groaned in response.

"Let's go inside and get in bed" Nick said.

"You just want to have your nasty, dirty ways with me" I said.

"Of course now come on."

* * * * * *

We were in bed and Nick was indeed having his way with me, I was on top well on my way to climaxing. Nick was close. So close that one thrust of the hips pushed him over the edge. I was about to join him when he closed his eyes then suddenly snapped them back open.

"Mara" he said.

Say what?!

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