Charlie and the Wolf Pack {3}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Three

I was laid up naked with my mate in our new home, I had a bad day at school and being with him made it all better.

"So was school really bad?"

"Kind of, I mean not school itself but what it reminded of me of."

"Which is?"

"The way I used to be, selfish, lazy, kind of a push over, things I never hope to be again. But hey it'll get better I mean if I lived with Gina for more than a day I can handle high school right?"

"Of course, you can handle anything."

"I agree I put up with you daily."

"Alright smartass" he said kissing me.

"Are you two done yet I'm bored and I want to play with Charlie" called a voice from the hallway causing Nick to growl and making me laugh.

"Well that came out all wrong you know what I mean" Connor said.

“Go set up I'm coming" I told him and Connor laughed.

"Knowing you two I bet you are."

I took a quick shower than headed to the game room where Connor was sitting on the floor in front of television, Tekken 6 was on the screen.

"About time I thought you and my brother was going to be in there all day, how was school?"

"It was okay I guess, not too good or too bad I don't know."

"Okay I get that, hey hurry up and pick a character. Have you spoken to Sirena? Did I get anything?"

"Yeah she sent you cookies they were in the kitchen but I saw Wade in there so I don't know how long they'll last."

As soon as they last word was out my mouth he dropped the platinum Edition Xbox 360 controller and ran for the kitchen. Sirena had been a big part of my life she was always calling to check in on us she helped me control my vampire urges. It turns out my vampireness had to be unlock, taking blood from a adult vampire for the first time caused blood hunger but it wasn't as bad as most vampires. I didn't need to feed everyday or every few days I could go for two weeks without needing blood and the hunger didn't become too out of control. I wasn't going around killing people and draining them dry like a mad man.

Sirena had us over to her house for Christmas and it turned out she loved baking, she made Connor all kinds of goodies for the whole week we was there. He ate whatever she put in front of him and he loved it, so she was always sending him something. She had taken a special liking to Connor, he was like the child she never had. Okay so let me explain how Sirena is my dad's sister. My grandfather Adrian was the second and youngest child in his family, he was the crowned prince, his older brother Allen was the heir to the throne. Adrian was a member of the royal guard it was his job to protect his brother's throne and his brother himself. And for many years he did just that. Women were always offering themselves to him. He had a baby with a peasant woman he met while at war.

She got pregnant and he took care of her it wasn't love but he did care for her, she died in child birth and he named the baby after her. Adrian was a good father for the most part only he was always away at war so Sirena stayed in the castle with Allen and was raised as the princess. Years later Adrian found my grandmother stopped fighting to settle down with her by that time Sirena was grown but she was always in my father's life. He was always at the palace but then he settled down when he met my mother. Adrian died when they both Sirena and my dad were grown, well Sirena was really grown, she won't tell exactly how old she is. Then Allen died naming Sirena his heir since he had no children. She said she was sorry that she wasn't in my life growing up, time is different when you're a vampire. She said that she wrote me a letter right before my grandmother died. And I found it when we came back to town a few weeks ago.

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