Charlie and the Wolf Pack {42}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-Two

"Yes that is a dragon" Lamia said in a bored tone.

My head snapped over to her I was a little confused because it sound like she said that it was a dragon but she couldn't have said that because that would be crazy.

"Dragons are real too, this is crazy" Brad said.

You can say that again mister.

The dragon got to us fast and there was only one thing on my mind.

"Should we run?"

"No he will not attack" Lamia sounding pretty sure.

"Should we run really?" Connor said to me while shaking his head.

"I'm sorry do you want to fight that thing?" I asked.

Connor shook his head "No but could you have sounded anymore un-tough."

"Fuck that I sounded smart, the best Alpha is a live one."

The dragon was overhead now and I didn't like that one bit, then he landed in front of us. Shaking the ground, this was crazy a dragon, a real honest to Hera, dragon. He was huge, bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life and he was blue. Royal blue with big ass scales going down his back.

"Hello Lamia" the dragon said.

Now this was too much they talk. Unbelievable and from the looks on the gang's faces I wasn't the only one with that thought.

"Claude" Lamia said to the dragon.

"The presence of the humans is requested by the dragon lord Asmun" Claude said.

What was with everyone and the human thing?

"I figured as much when I saw you. I will bring them" Lamia said.

"That won't be necessary, I will take them there is no need for you accompany us."

Boy was he wrong if he thought we were going anywhere with him without Lamia. Dragon or no dragon.

"Wrong I shall be accompanying them, do you think to stop me?" Though it was said softly there was no mistaken the warning in her tone.

"If you feel that you must come then by all means come" Claude said.

He seemed like asshole if you asked me but since no one did I kept that thought to myself.

"Prepare yourselves" Lamia.

That was the only warning we had before suddenly we found ourselves outside of what looked to be a cave. A giant cave.

"Please follow me" Claude said leading the way.

I thought his big body moving inside the cave would have been a tight fit but surprising it wasn't. We had to move swiftly in order to keep up with the dragon.  

We rounded a corner and everything changed, the scene in front of us shifted. No longer were we in that dim cave, we were in another castle, in the castle that belonged to giants. Everything was larger than normal, the walls were a mix of dark purple and gold and there were no doors.

"May I present Asmun the Ruthless, Dragon Lord and King of the Dark Lands" Claude said.

Dude that was a mouthful I hope people didn't have to say that whole thing whenever he was talked about.

"May I also present to you Kyna the Cunning, Dragon Lady and Queen of the Dark Lands."

The two white dragons at the far end of the room nodded their heads as everyone else bowed.

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