Charlie and the Wolf Pack {8}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Eight

Connor was upstairs in his bedroom unconscious with Amerie making sure he was okay. Pam, Krystal, Danny, and I were in Nick's office which was soundproof Wade would have been here but he was watching Olivia.

"So what are you going to do?" Danny asked.

"Hell if I know, I don't know what to do I'm worried about all of us" I said and my phone started ringing I picked it up without looking, "Yeah?"

"Babe it's me."

"Nick are you okay? Is Dante okay? What's wrong?"

"We're fine, but shit is wild here, someone staked Sirena but she's gonna be fine." Holy crap.

"Got dammit. Connor was in a car crash, Emma didn't take it so well she passed out baby I have no idea what to."

"Okay relax, now there's only one thing we can do, kill them before they kill us. We're going to stay here with your aunt, make sure she's gets better then we're coming home. Watch my brother and the rest of our family. You'll be okay your tough and you have the pack, together you guys are unstoppable."

"Kill them all I can do that, alright I have to go I have bitches to kill, be careful love you."

"You too" he said and we hung up. I turned back to my family I knew they all heard so we were clear on what we had to do.

"So we kill them all, I'll start with the bitch in the kitchen" Krystal said standing up.

"Whoa slow down we need her, come on lets go" I said we all got up and went to the living where we found Wade with Olivia, Andy, Luke, Stephan, Henry and Amerie.  

"So Olivia tell us what's going on" I said.

"Marissa is pissed off because you said she wasn't a good Alpha and then you killed her pet. She was approached by Dave Byrd he was upset about something or another. Also he's not the only who came up to her, there's someone else a female but I'm not sure who. This female had this plan in which she kills you and everyone you care about."

"So we get Marissa tell us who this female is, then kill them both, and kill anyone who gets in our way I'm totally with that" Pam said. Then she and Krystal talked about how they were going to kill people.

Olivia watched them with wide eyes "those two are scary."

"Why are you here anyway Olivia" Danny asked.

"I believe Charlie was right Marissa is weak the whole pack is weak, I'm the only one stronger than Marissa. But I can't best Marissa and Phil together I have a younger sister, they will kill her. And I'm woman enough to admit when I need I help but now that I'm here I'm gonna stay because this is where my mate is."

"You have got to be kidding me" Pam said.

"Well congrates Wade, you too Olivia" I said there was a chorus of congratulations that went around the room.

"Wade I'm happy for you really I am" I said then turned to Olivia "I still don't trust you and until I do I'm watching you betray Wade and I will kill you."

"I understand" Olivia said and Wade smiled at me because he knew my saying I would kill her was out of love for him.

"So what now Charlie, just tell me who to kill and they're dead" Krystal said and hell I wish I knew. Just the Olivia's phone rang.

"Marissa" she said putting it on speaker "Hello."

"Olivia glad I got you I was thinking you could stay in the shadows and watch Charlie and her pack."

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