Charlie and the Wolf Pack {15}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Fifteen

"Hello" Nick said when he answered the phone, he took so long to answer I got worried.

"Oh thank God, baby someone is going to try and kill you guys, and my aunt. I don't know of it's a she or he buy they said they're already in the castle. CM is the name they go by, well it's the one I have for them, I think it's a vampire though. I'm coming to you soon me and the guys."

"But you can't leave Emma and the witches alone" he told me.

"Well what am I suppose to do with them? Most of the Coven won't want to leave."

"Take Emma to the house in the Bronx, the witches can take care of themselves, if they don't want to go. You said this Abby was a kick ass witch, she can help them."

"I guess I can do that, and don't worry everyone will be safe, I'll make sure and then I'm bring my ass there. Just careful watch your back."

"I will, you be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you I love you."

"I feel the same way about you" I told him then we hung up. I stood and walked back downstairs to the living room of Olivia's Pack house where everyone was waiting.

"When are we leaving?' Connor asked as soon as I got downstairs.

"As soon as we take Emma to the Bronx, maybe take some of the Coven too, just to be safe."

"I'm coming with you" Wade said.

"Nuh-uh, as much as I would love that, your Alpha now and you guys need to regroup" I told him.

"No its fine go and I'll stay here and get the Pack in order, he's your cousin I understand" Olivia said.

"Are you sure?" Wade asked and Olivia nodded her head, then she kissed Wade.

I made a portal that took us home, when we got back Emma was the first person to come see us.

"How did it go? What happened?" Emma asked.

I left her downstairs asking questions, I went to my room and called Aaron.

"Dr. Love, how can I love you?" Oh no.

"Seriously Aaron, this is how you answer the phone?" I asked laughing.

"Oh, sorry, me and this chick Jennifer was playing a game. I'm the sexy doctor and she's the slutty intern."

I laughed some more "Oh Aaron, you just made my day, thanks I really needed that."

"What's wrong honey?"

So I let it all out and told him what was going on.

"Okay, so bring them and we'll watch them unless you need me to come with you."

"I would love that but I need someone I really trust to stay with Emma" I told him.

We talked a little more before hanging up, and when we did there was a knock on my door.

"Come in" I told Pam.

"Hey, I just wanted to make sure you were okay" Pam said.

"I'm fine just worried."

"We all are, but we'll be fine, we have to be, and we'll do it together, Charlie-"

She would have said more but she was cut off by the pissed off, yell coming from outside that belonged to Emma.

We got up and headed outside, I smelt Michael and Lynsay. Pam and I bumped into mostly everyone on our way.

"What happened?" Connor asked from behind me.

Michael, Lynsay, and Emma were standing in the backyard, with Lynsay holding Emma's arm, Emma looking pissed and Michael was just watching with a stupid look on his face. Why were they here. I sighed.

"Move your hand or I will move it for you" Connor said, in a low, dangerous voice that reminded me of Nick. With that voice you knew who their father was.

"Don't talk to her like that, its between the two of them" Michael said.

"It's gonna be between that girl and my foot if she don't let Emma go" uh oh, Lynsay was going to get a foot in her ass.

"Your gonna hit a girl?" Lynsay asked. Wolves would anyone for their mates. If I ever hurt Emma, Connor would hurt me.

"He will but he won't have to because we'll kick your ass for him" Pam said.

"And we'll enjoy it, are you Lynsay? Please say yes" Krystal said.

"Yeah I'm Lynsay so what?" I just shook my head as Krystal moved forward only to have Brad block her path.

"Whoa, trust me you do not want to Lynsay right now, and why are you guys here anyway?" Brad asked.

"We heard what happened in school, I haven't seen the three of you since then and today is Friday we wanted to make sure you were okay" Michael said.

"Really you both were worried?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"We'll um, I was worried" Michael said.

The wind shifted and I smelt wolf and witch then I saw them, they were covered by the tree, they weren't close, but I wasn't taking any chances.

"Do you smell-" Stephan started.

"Shh, Emma come here" I said, by the tone of my voice Emma knew something was wrong. She ran to Connor's side, he pushed her behind him.

And wouldn't you know it Dave Byrd stepped out of the trees with two big wolf guys at his side. I swear to the heavens I didn't have time for this bullshit.

"Charlotte it's good to see you again" Dave said.

"Dave Byrd, the pain in my ass, what do you want?" I asked.

"I want the Coven and your life" well I was glad we were getting to the point.

"Hey dude, I don't know what is going on but leave Char the hell alone" Michael said in strong voice.

"What do we have here?" Dave asked.

"Let's cut the shit, you want a fight well then let's do it, and don't think just because you bought these two with you, that you're going to beat me."

The taller of the two wolves, was blonde and beautiful, he stepped forward and said, "When I beat you, your pack will be mine."

I laughed and said, "Baby if you beat you can have it."

"I will kill you and then I'll kill your humans" Blondie said flashing fangs at Michael and Lynsay, both of them jumped back.

"What the hell was that, dude had fangs" Michael said.

"Shut up and come over here both of you" I said.

Michael and Lynsay started to work my way when Blondie moved for them I didn't hesitate, I shifted, jumping over both Michael and Lynsay's heads tackling Blondie. He was caught off guard by my speed, I bit down hard on his shoulder, then pulled, taking flesh with me. His blood filled my mouth, that sweet copper taste was amazing. And it was making me wonder when was the last time I fed. Blondie was under me trying to throw me off, but he was weak. 

I bit down on his face and pulled, taking the thing off, not caring how truly nasty that was, then just to make sure he was really dead I pulled his throat out. Then out of nowhere Danny in wolf form flew over my head, knocking into the other wolf that was headed my way. Danny was biting and slapping with his front paws, I was surprised because Danny was the one that wasn't quick to fight, he was a sweetheart.

Soon the fight was over, Danny killed the other wolf removing his head completely from the wolf's body. I was in totally shook, that was nasty and ruthless, I knew Krystal loved that. I stood there on top of the dead wolf watching the fight when what I should have been watching was Dave Byrd, who was making his way towards me.


A shot rang out.

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