Charlie and the Wolf Pack {4}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Four

We were all sitting around watching a movie when Connor walked in the door whistling "I am in love" he said dancing into the living room he picked me up and swung me around. "Thank you Charlie, you are the best sister ever."

"Why thank you I do try."

"Um, will you help me explain to her what's going on?"

"Yeah of course I should probably call her before the mark appears" she would totally freak out if a mark suddenly appeared on her hand. Humans were odd that way.

"Nick" I said calling my mate who looked up at me "give me five minutes on the phone with Emma then bring your ass I'm horny."

I walked off to our bedroom then pulled out my phone and called Emma who answered after two rings "hey Charlie what's up?"

"Em, we have to have talk I need to know how do you feel about Connor?"

"I really like him, he kissed me which I wasn't expecting because I'm not the type of girl that boys want to kiss you know with me being a nerd and all."

"So what if you're a nerd you’re beautiful and a great person guys are just stupid. Now listen there are some things I need to tell you about us but I can't do it over the phone, just remember how you said like Connor."

"Yeah Charlie, I just said that what's wrong with you?"

"Well good I want to remember that in a few minutes and just know that Connor likes you so don't worry about tha-"

"Oh shoot my hand hurts -WHAT THE HELL!"

"Emma, relax everything is fine I promise you."

"My hand, is this a tattoo -oh my God am I dying?"

"No you aren't dying I swear it relax the same thing happened to me I'll explain tomorrow after school, okay?"

"Yeah, okay you'll explain I'm going to sleep now" she said and we hung up.

The door opened and Nick walked in I smiled "dropped the pants mate." 

* * * * *

The next morning I headed out to school and I didn't complain much. When I walked in the room people stopped talking it was a nice gesture but I heard them from out in the hallway. The one thing that got me through the day was pissing off Lynsay. It was so much fun because she would get mad then would do nothing about it. I was at my locker when I felt someone behind me just standing there and the animal in me didn't like the caged in feeling. I swung around ready to be pissed off but I came face to face with Brad.

He stumbled back "what's up?" I asked picking up my bag off the floor.

"Just wanted to talk, can we walk to class?"

So the two of us walked to class it was kind of weird because no one said a thing but luckily before I snapped he spoke.

"So yesterday when you decked that chick, beautiful it was truly amazing I loved it."

"I didn't know watching me hit someone made you hot."

"Babe anything you do makes me hot, also I can truly respect a good punch but seriously how have you been? And I never told you I was sorry" I turned to look at him.

"For what?" I was lost what was he talking about.

"For not being a real friend to you, I mean we hung out a lot and I wasn’t there for you when everything happened with your grandmother, Lynsay and Michael then you moving away. I guess I can't blame you for coming back and not waiting to talk to us."

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