Charlie and the Wolf Pack {11}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Eleven

The next morning I was in the kitchen when I heard banging on the door, who the fuck was that this early. Walking towards I the door I bumped into Connor who was making his way to it also. The banging was still going on whoever was out there was starting to piss me off. I smelt wolves two of them, older, male and female. I opened the door and stared at Connor's mom Lily and a man I've only seen in pictures his father Shawn.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" Connor said.

"Connor Patrick Kane, you watch your mouth, now come over here and give your mother a kiss" Lily said.

Connor walked over and hugged his mother, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Charlie honey, give me a hug" Lily said letting go of Connor to hug me, then the four of us made our way to the kitchen.

Shawn and Lily sat at the island table, while I sat on the counter and Connor made Emma's breakfast.

"So, you're my oldest boy's mate" Shawn said.

"Yup that's me" I said.

"Alicia's daughter" Shawn said.

"Yup, me again."

"So what are you doing here?" Connor asked for the second time, and it was a good question.

"We just came to check on our children is there something wrong with that?" Lily asked.

"Of course not, if it was just you but him I don't believe that. So again I ask what are you doing here?"

"I've come to-"

"You son of a bitch!" Wade screamed before throwing himself at Shawn.

Oh for the love of that all is holy I wasn't in the mood for this 

"Waden Kane Blake, you stop that right now!" Lily commanded but that didn't work.

Wade and Shawn were fighting and it was really getting out of hand. So I threw out my hands and felt the tingle, two white orbs shot out making them separate.

"Both of you cut the shit right now" I said. The two of them were fighting my magic trying to get to the other.

"Do not make me get nasty because I can, bitches want to kill us, my mate isn't here, I'm horny, its early in the morning and I haven't had a cup of coffee yet so back the fuck off. Olivia" I said to the she-wolf who just walked in the kitchen behind me "take your mate and get him cleaned up."

Olivia took Wade and left, Connor was still here and so was Lily, damn I needed some coffee and more sleep I was not up enough for this shit.

"That was very good little girl, getting him away like that" Shawn said.

"Shut up, now why are both of you here and its early so please cut the crap about checking on your kids."

Connor handed me a cup of the coffee he had just made I smiled at him in thanks, then took a sip "oh my gods this is perfect."

"Okay, girl we're here because there has been some talk about war and of someone new taking over the pack. Now I'll be the first to tell you I messed up when it comes to my kids but they're still my kids and no one is going to just come and take over" Shawn said.

"Right, because now is the perfect time to be a real father" Connor said.

"Listen you little-"

"Oh my gods is that food I smell, please say its for me" Emma said coming in the kitchen.

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