Charlie and the Wolf Pack {41}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-One

The king wanted us to stay in the castle with him but Lamia told him to keep his panties on, that we would be back. Zagan stayed with his parents saying that he would meet up with us in a little while. And it turned out that Lamia was powerful enough to flash all of us wherever she wanted without touching us. How cool was that?

Really cool.

We found ourselves standing in front of a small house, it was two stories and had a garden in the front. It was super cute.

"This is my home" Lamia said.

I kind of figured that but said nothing. Instead of going inside we walked around to the back and there we found a bigger garden.

Then the wind shifted and I smelled something that I had never smelt before. It smelt like demon and dog rolled in one. The group of us looked at each other then I looked around but saw nothing, I wanted to know what the hell that was. Then I heard it and the sound of it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up at attention. It sounded scary as hell, Nick moved to stand in front of me.

How cute was he.

"What the hell is that?" Connor asked looking around.

Then I saw it and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This shit was the size of a bear and it was running straight at us. I bared my fangs at it, really what the fuck was that thing. It jumped over Nick's heads from feet away and tackled the shit out of me then it starting licking my face. I laid underneath it unmoving because I was at a lost for just what was going on.

"Off, now" Lamia said in a commanding voice that let me know she was used to getting what she wanted.

The monster licked my face once more before getting off of me. I looked at Nick and the gang and they all looked as lost as I felt. The bear-thing was sitting at my side just watching me. I was seriously weirded out by this. Nick helped me up and as I moved away from monster and went to stand by Brad but the beast moved with me. Lamia watched it and while doing so she laughed.

"Quick question" Brad said. "What the hell is that thing?"

"A Hellhound, this boy is Hades" Lamia answered.

"What's a Hellhound beside a bear?" Dice asked.

I couldn't agree more.

"That is not a bear, only a dog."

"I hate to be the one to break it to you but that is not a dog" Connor said.

Lamia laughed hard, "A Hellhound is a dog, unlike any other. They can do all sorts of things, they can shadow-walk, and flash anywhere they want through time and space. Their teeth can break through the toughest material, and that is just for starters. They are usually a good judge of character and Hades seems to really like you Charlie."

"Yeah, it would seem so" I said dryly.

Shadow-walking is the ability to move within the darkness never being seen. You can also move shadows to cover you and move wherever you move.

Lamia laughed again "Are you guys hungry?"

"Heck yeah" Connor said.

"When aren't you hungry" Nick asked.

"When I'm sleep."

We went inside and sat in Lamia's old fashion kitchen, well it looked old fashion. Cobblestone walls, big wood table and there was no stove, just this big black pot like a cauldron next to an open fire.

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