Charlie and the Wolf Pack {27}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Twenty-Seven

That night Denise or as she liked was called Dice arrived, she sat and talked with Rion and Sirena, they told her what happened. And since then she has been in the room that Sirena gave her. I felt really bad for her, I knew that feeling of lost. I wish there was something I could for her.

Oh idea!

I found myself in front of her door about to knock when he door suddenly opened. Dice stood before me tall, pale, with deep blue eyes, although they were red from crying she was still beautiful. So beautiful that I might give girls a try if she was willing. I mean really this girl was hot! Now I was pissed because it was unfair how hot these vampires were.

"Hello" she said snapping me out my random thoughts.

Man it was really unfair, she had a voice made for dirty dreams. So not cool I want a voice like that.

"Hey, so I wanted to know if you wanted to get out of here and get totally wasted."

She smiled and said, "Yes, I would really like that."

"Good I'm going to tell the guys, let's meet in the main hallway in about an hour."

~On Hour Later~

The group of us were standing in the hallway waiting for Dice, so we could finally get the hell out of here. We were headed to Club X. It's an underground club for our kind they have one everywhere.

Finally Dice came down the stairs and everyone watched her.

"I totally want to kiss you" I said causing everyone to look at me.

"And I want to watch" Stephan said.

"Wow, okay can we go?" Pam asked.

So we left. There was an okay amount of people, though I'm really sure what that meant. We were in a booth having a good time. The music was turned up to just the right volume, full-humans turned their music up all the way. It used to give me a headache. We were drinking and drowning whatever sorrows we had in hard liquor, and I'm sure we all had a few.

These clubs didn't card because for one our bodies could take a lot of liquor before we were even slightly drunk; we would have drink non-stop all night to even think about it. And two it was hard to tell just how old one of our kind really was. Also it was hard for human to get into one of our clubs, they would have to come with one of us.

Brad was sitting back with Dice holding a beer, I was still on my first drink. Danny, Krystal, Pam, Luke and Angelica were all on the dance floor. Stephan was in the next booth with some big-titty chick, showing her a good time. Nick, Connor, and Wade were sitting back enjoying themselves because the three of them have mates.

"Charlie, this was a great idea, I'm going to get so trashed" Dice said.

"Awesome" I said watching the crowd.

Everyone was having a good time, dancing, drinking, and plain ole enjoying themselves.

"I want to dance" I said suddenly.

"So go dance" was Wade's reply.

"I'll dance with you" Brad said, looking at Nick to see if it was okay.

Nick nodded his head, so Brad and I went to dance. I'll be the first to tell you that Brad was kind of a jerk, but you can always have a good time with him. We danced, and danced and after that we danced some more. After what felt like forever Brad and I went back to the table, totally tired. I ordered another drink and sat with my mate. Stephan was back.

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