Charlie and the Wolf Pack {48}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-Eight

“What should we do?” Jared Walker asked.

“Try not to die” was the only answer he got before the two vampires and the two lions came in the room.

They saw Jared and nodded before one of the vampires spoke “we’ve come for the human. Hand him over and you won’t have to die.”

I rolled my eyes who did they think they were.

“Not going to happen” Connor told them.

One of the lions smiled and then as one they attacked, no witty comeback or anything. It was a good thing we were fast. I was a better fighter than I used to be and that was because of Nick, he taught me to fight because he said being his mate was going to bring me a lot of challenges. Some people think he’s too hard on me but he has his reasons and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a hard teacher, tough as hell, and he never let’s up but when it comes down to a fight I’m good.

Like right now for instance I was facing off with a huge, tough looking werelion who didn’t care that I was female and I know because he was trying to kill me. He was coming at me, claws out ready to rip me into small bite sized Charlie pieces and me, I was just standing there watching him. At the last second I moved to the left then kicked him in the gut. Hard. He flew back into a wall but he didn’t stay down long. Oh no a second later he was up and coming at me again but Nick came out of nowhere and slammed into lion dude.

“I’ve got him, get Jared out of here” Nick said.

Now I would have augured but lately I’ve been messing up so I made my way over to Jared Walker.

“Come, I have a way out” Jared whispered in my ear.

And while that seemed like a good idea I had real issues with leaving without my guys it just seemed wrong to my wolf way of thinking. Jared was pulling me away from the fight closer to the window and the only book case that didn’t match the others in the room. The rest were white while this one was black.

It was when we got to the window that I hear it the sound of a gun clicking, then before I could react the sound of gunfire filled the room. I turned around and saw Nick stagger back and all I could see was red. What the hell kind of stupid ass shifter uses a gun, and he had the nerve to shoot my mate with it. Dude I was so pissed off.

That was when everything in the room started to shake and shake hard. The books flew off the shelves, hitting the lions and those two vamps in the head. While those four were trying to fight off the books Nick stood up then he and the boys made their way over to me and Jared.

“Hey!” One of the lions called.

Then the bookcases fell on their heads, pinning the four of them to the floor while we made our escape.

“This way” Jared said.

The black bookcase was the only one still standing, Jared stood in front of it and pulled one of the books forward. The book only came half way out and that was when the bookcase moved to the side. It was a secret doorway and even at a time like this I could appreciate how cool this truly was. Man I felt like ‘Harry Potter’. We slipped behind it and plunged into the darkness.

“Nick are you okay?” I asked as we walked along in the dark.

“I’m fine it’s just a shoulder wound” Nick said.

“Man, that’s good to hear I thought I was going to have to go home and tell mom you were dead” Connor said.

“Naw, we would have made Charlie do it” Wade added.

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