Charlie and the Wolf Pack {45}

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Charlie and the Wolf Pack

Chapter Forty-Five

Nick and I took a quick shower before getting dressed and headed downstairs to library. Aside from Danny, Connor was the best with computers, so we had him look up Jared Walker and found this damn key. Connor sat at the computer and waited for it load up.

"Man I could really go for something eat or drink or both right about now" Connor said.

I smiled "Alright I'll be right back Nick do you want something?"

"I could eat" was Nick's answer.

"I bet you could."

I left the library and made my way to the kitchen where I heated up twelve pepperoni pizza Hot Pocket. I got three cups and the whole carton of juice before making my way back to the boys.

"Man you're the best" Connor said as he took his four Hot Pockets.

"Thanks" Nick said.

I sat down next to Connor who was typing away with one hand and eating with the other 

"I wish this Lilura chick gave you more information about Jared because I Googled him and it came up with seventy-five different Jared Walkers all over the world. I need something more to go on."

That made sense how would we know if we had the right guy. Damn dead witches and them not being specific. What I was thinking was our Jared Walker was still alive, so that was something to go on, but when I told Connor that he rolled his eyes and growled at me. Man all I was trying to do was help. I shook my head stupid male wolves.

We sat there just looking and reading about all the Jared Walkers there were in the world. Nothing really made sit up and take notice and to tell the truth I was starting to think all of this was pointless. At one point Nick got up to get more food and juice, I was falling asleep and Connor sat there scrolling down. That's when I got the feeling that I should take notice.

I sat up and looked at the screen when I saw someone who looked really familiar an average looking guy. White, young, maybe in his late twenties. Blonde shaggy hair that needed to be to cut, and deep blue eyes that you could get lost in that were hidden behind those round Harry Potter glasses. I just wish I knew why he was so familiar to me.


There was Lilura talking in my head again. Oh my gods, I only just realized how crazy that made me sound. Honestly I was surprised she was even talking because throughout this whole thing she said nothing not even when I asked her for help.

"Connor, show me more about him."

So Connor pulled up the information about Jared Dennis Walker, it said that he was a genius who had a fascination with the 'Salem Witch Trails'. I groaned just what we need.

"That might be our guy where do we find him?"

"That is him."

Lilura said in my head and it sounded like she was a little angry at me for second guessing her.

"Fine my fault, sorry this is our guy. Now location."

"Keep your panties on woman, give me a minute" Connor said.

"She doesn't wear any."

I turned to Nick "You better shut up before I start."

"Anywho, our boy lives right here in Connecticut about forty minutes away" Connor said.

"Well thank the gods for small favors" I said.

"It will not be easy."

Damn that voice, she went and ruined my whole mood.

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