fourty eight

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anOther instagram chapter ;) and i know instagram captions can't be this long but just go w it okay


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seaveydaniel: '2019 and 2020 has been a roller coaster for me and the boys. and, believe it or not, christina. me personally, i was depressed. which, most of you could tell with the underage drinking. i figured that was my escape since my family and i weren't seeing eye to eye. i have permission to share this from corbyn and christina, but me and corbyn were pretty much fuck buddies during the first leg of tour, and it was breaking my heart everyday because corbyn and christina were still dating. eventually, corbyn told her, and like the amazing person she is, she didn't "expose" corbyn. she handled it maturely and i love her for that. so, backtracking a few weeks into the tour, we met an amazing little girl morgan. (keep her in mind!) she had an older brother, who we'll call.. blue

i thought blue was the most amazing person ever. he was sweet and caring and attractive. so while i thought corbyn was still dating christina (because he's an asshole and didn't tell me that he had broken up with her until the first leg was over) i decided to date blue.

worst mistake ever.

while i was first talking to him, i figured out i was pregnant with corbyn's child. i never had sex with anyone else except him. i told bryana first, she was amazing and is now our baby's godmother and then i told blue.
he didn't take it very well. now, i told him when we were dating. he wasn't too fond of it so i left the house he was staying at. morgan, she came downstairs looking like a mess for a 5 year old girl. blue told me that she was staying with their mom in new york. and i should have done something right then and there because it was very clear that he was abusing her. but i left.

so moving on, i got in a fight with anna, and i had it. my family wasn't being very supportive except for ty and christian. i went to the band house, and stayed there. a few days later, blue apologized, and took me out to a club. i was only 2 weeks sober, and because i was drinking before i knew i was pregnant, my child was in danger of FAS. blue forced me to drink, but luckily, the bartender made me an alcohol free drink. so, the boys noticed my behavior. i was acting strange. so they stuck me into therapy, which was probably the best thing that they could have done for me. my therapist was amazing, and she told me to tell my mom that i was pregnant, even though we were fighting. i did. i went to the rental house we were staying at in hawaii, and told her. which is when corbyn heard. i know. i didn't tell him right away. call me stupid, but i couldn't because we were fighting. he was shocked. he told me that he wanted to be there for me and the baby, he loved me, and he wanted to be in our baby's life, but he couldn't because blue hated him.

moving on again. even though blue wasn't touring with us, he was becoming abusive even if he was in new york, which is where he is originally from. i ignored it. i was never in an abusive relationship. we barely touched on the topic in school, and i didn't research it, so i didn't know. i didn't see the red flags.

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