twenty two

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"i had fun today."

daniel smiled up at eddie. his flowers were close to his chest, and his towel over his shoulders. "yeah.. i did too." he genuinely smiled.

eddie leaned down, tenderly pecking his lips. daniel felt butterflies explode in his stomach. it was short and sweet. when he pulled away, daniel looked into his green blue eyes.

"goodnight, daniel." he whispered, squeezing his hip.

"night." he said back, and watched him get into his own car and drive off. he set his towel over the railing outside and went into his house with a smile placed on his lips.

daniel went upstairs to get fresh clothes and shower so he could meet up with bryana before the concert.

after he left the bathroom, freshly bathed, daniel went back downstairs. he grabbed his wallet and put it in his back pocket. he went to the kitchen to get a small snack.

anna was quietly sitting at the table reading a book. tyler was seated beside her, looking between his two youngest siblings. "y'all done fighting or..?"

"nope." daniel said, popping the 'p.' he grabbed a cookie and left the kitchen. "i'll be back late. so uh, don't wait up for me." he said to tyler, knowing that he would only sleep until he knew that his siblings were home safe.

he gave him a smile, and watched him leave the house. he got in his car, and quickly drove over to bryana's house. the girl was waiting outside, clearly excited to see her favorite band. one of her favorite bands.

she got in and pulled her best friend into a hug. "hey love bug! how's your hand?"

he let go of her and lifted his casted hand in the air. "as good as it can get." he chuckled, and started driving to the venue. bry connected her phone to the bluetooth in his car, and blasted bts.

daniel didn't understand them, but he could vibe with them.

as he focused on the road, his mind drifted to corbyn. he still had no idea how to tell him. how he would react. how would any of them react to their best friend being pregnant. especially a boy.

boys couldn't get fucking pregnant.

"hey." bryana lowered the volume and touched daniel's knee. he hummed in respond. "what's wrong? i can feel the anxiety dripping off you."

daniel pressed down on the accelerator to change lanes. "i'm fine." he said. bryana rolled her eyes.

"daniel, when someone says that they are fine, it's usually a lie, especially with you. no offense."

daniel shrugged. he weighed his options. would she leave him like his family? would she stay and help? he could afford to lose his friend, his best friend.

but he had to tell someone.

daniel swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. he turned off the music, and clenched and unclenched his jaw. "i'm pregnant." he breathed, feeling the weight get lifted off his shoulders from finally saying it.

bryana's eyes drifted down to his stomach. she looked back up at daniel and a smile formed on her lips. she wiped his tears off his face, and squealed in her seat.

"i'm gonna be an aunt!"


after the concert, daniel dropped bryana off at her house. he walked her up to the door, his hands stuffed in his pockets. once they were at the door, he faced her, but his eyes were trained down on the floor.

"daniel. have you told corbyn?"

daniel looked up at that. "i never told you it was his." he said, his voice airy.

"you didn't have to, love. when we both came out to each other, you told me you've never slept with a boy. which means, corbyn is the first person you slept with. we came out to each other before your tour, so unless you slept with someone else-"

"no." daniel smiled and shook his head. "only corbyn."

"when did you find out?" she asked. "and i'll take it you haven't told him."

"not yet. and," daniel took a deep breath. "i was throwing up for a few weeks, but i always thought it was the alcohol."

"well i'm glad you told me. and you should tell corbyn soon." bryana said, squeezing his arm. "gosh i can't wait to get little baby outfits! actually, you're staying over tonight so we can do research. come in."



short and shitty chapter so double update later

i made this chapter mainly to rant because i'm fucking pissed

body shaming takes a huge toll on a person. it can lead them to do horrible things to themselves when they have the perfect body. and because people are saying zach's fat or needs to go to the gym, it can really ruin his way of seeing his body. his body is perfect, all the boys bodies are. everyone has the perfect body, and nobody, not one soul on this earth deserves to be body shamed

anyway. if i catch anyone body shaming anyone, you BET i'm gonna come for them 🥰🥰🥰

 if i catch anyone body shaming anyone, you BET i'm gonna come for them 🥰🥰🥰

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