thirty five

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after this chapter, we are getting this story moving 👏🏼 along 👏🏼  and this chapter is gonna suck ASS but the next chapter will be like, a lot better lol


it was now late at night. the show had already finished, and the boys were asleep accept for daniel. he was overthinking, like normal, while eating ice cream.

he needs to tell the boys. they were going to force him to go to the beach and he would need to take his shirt off and that would show off his bump.

he slowly took the spoon out of his mouth, and got up. he left his room and skipped down the stairs to put the ice cream away.

he turned the lights on and jumped when zach and jack were both up. jack was seated on the counter, zach in between his legs, sipping on some water.

jack smiled at daniel. "why are you up?"

daniel shrugged and put the sugary treat in the freezer. "overthinking, per usual. you?"

"oh, well we just fucked and now we're here." zach said casually. jack smiled down at him, gently kissing his lips. they were so in love, daniel wanted to puke.

or, he just had to puke. he didn't know.

daniel cleared his throat, breaking the couple apart. "i don't care about your sex life you know."

"you should." zach hummed, and kissed jack's neck.

"well i don't. i hear enough almost every night you kinky shits." daniel groaned. jack smiled sweetly at him, ignoring the light blush on his own face. "anyway, i want to talk to you guys."

zach pulled away from the crook of jack's neck to look at daniel. "what's wrong?"

"..wait, let me get corbyn. and jonah. and eben. and jon." daniel mumbled. "oh gosh, and andrew."

zach watched him run upstairs. he simply shrugged, and went back to kissing jack's neck. the older boy tilted his head to the side, feeling his hands around his waist.

jack weakly gasped, letting a small whine out. zach moved away from his neck, smirking at his boyfriend. he was still fucked out from their actions after the concert, and this probably didn't help.

zach pecked his lips, and picked him up. he brought him to the couch. his water bottle in his hand. they got comfortable and waited for the boys to come back down.

when they all did, they all looked tired and grumpy. except corbyn, surprisingly. he just looked anxious. they all sat down.

corbyn was sitting next to daniel, looking down at the floor. "um.. there's no really easy way to say this. but i'm pregnant."

zach choked on his water.

"so like. if i don't take off my shirt at the beach that's why." daniel mumbled, watching all the boys in the house straighten their backs.

"your.. you.. corbyn.. holy shit." jonah breathed, sinking back against eben. (they are very cuddly with each other, it's cute)

"it-it's not eddies?" andrew stuttered. daniel shook his head and looked down at his fingers.

corbyn cleared his throat. "it's mine. as you figured out." he said, nodding his head at jonah. "he, uh, he just told me. yesterday. he's 9 weeks pregnant. he has a bump and everything."

"just.. you guys don't have to be happy about this, but i would really appreciate it if you didn't call me a slut." he whispered.

eben's eyes softened. "dani, we would never call you that."

"bro we're gonna be fucking uncles!" jonah said excitedly, slapping eben's knee.


i already told u that chapters would be short so don't @ me pls 😌✋🏼

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