fifty four

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corbyn bottoms- sorrynotsorry



the two stumbled back into the hotel room, corbyn ripping daniel's jacket off, his hands traveling down his torso as their kiss grew more heated.

the kids were with the boys at dinner, leaving them alone. daniel broke the kiss, only to remove his long sleeved shirt. corbyn took his pink sweater off, and reattached their lips.

corbyn pushed him back on the bed, daniel's eyes on him as he took off his extra long sleeve shirt, both boys only in jeans now.

with a small smirk, corbyn moved to straddle his hips. daniel gripped his hips, pulling him down, their lips smashing together.

corbyn tugged on his hair, daniel flipping them over so he was on top of his boyfriend. he rolled his hips smirking when corbyn gasped and arched his back.

daniel unbuttoned corbyn's jeans, leaning back on his heels to take the loose clothing off his legs along with his boxers. the blonde laid naked, his legs spread.

daniel had him bend his knees, as he lubed his fingers. he didn't warn corbyn, he just plunged his finger into his hole, erupting a loud moan from him. "shit!"

it didn't take long for daniel to add two other fingers, spreading them and forcefully slamming them into him. corbyn's back was arched, his head lolled to the side.

daniel leaned forward, sucking a dark hickey on the side of his neck. corbyn let out a loud moan, and clenched the sheets in his fists.

"dan-dani, fuck!" he gasped, bucking his hips up. daniel licked his lips, and pulled his fingers out.

corbyn whined at the loss of contact.

his eyes slipped shut as he waited for daniel. his eyes got wide when he felt something larger prod at his hole. his hands scrambled for something to hold onto while daniel slowly pushed in.

he grabbed onto corbyn's hands, making the older boy relax slightly. corbyn let out a whimper, feeling full. so fucking full.

daniel quickly set a fast pace, drilling into him. corbyn's back arched. again.

corbyn let out small but, in daniel's opinion, fucking beautiful noises.

his legs were wrapped around the younger's waist, his arms spread out. his head thrown back and his cheeks flushed red.

"sh-shit daniel!" corbyn moaned loudly as he came. daniel groaned and with three hard thrusts, and came into corbyn.

the two panted heavily, corbyn shut his eyes when he pulled out. daniel let out a small giggle, and grabbed their boxers and went to the bathroom to get a wet rag.

he quickly cleaned corbyn up and got him in his boxers. the two got under the covers. daniel turned off the lights, and let corbyn rest his head on his chest.

with one final kiss, the two went to sleep.


until, daniel was woken up by gentle knocks. he rolled corbyn off his body, and got out of bed. he yawned and threw on his hoodie.

he stumbled over to the door, and opened it. he smiled tiredly at jack and grabbed his sleeping baby. he nodded them inside. morgan was in zach's arms, sleeping.

he turned the lights on, and pointed to morgan's suitcase on the floor. zach went to go change morgan while daniel went to the bathroom to change alex's diaper.

"um.. daniel?"

daniel grabbed a fresh diaper and hummed when he heard jack's voice. he set alex down on the counter gently, and looked over at the younger boy.

he looked anxious.

"what's wrong, jack?" daniel asked softly, keeping his hand on alex's stomach, the baby now awake.

"i just.. i feel like i'm gonna mess everything up." he mumbled, playing with his fingers.

daniel shook his head. "every new parent feels like that, jack. i felt like that every day that i was pregnant with him. i still feel like that."

jack stayed quiet. daniel sighed and pulled him over. "have you changed a diaper?"

"no." he mumbled. daniel was surprised to say the least since he does have three younger siblings.

"alright.. i want you to change his." daniel shrugged, handing him the clean one. jack shook his head.

"i'm gonna mess it up, daniel."

"it's just a diaper change. i'll fix anything you "mess up."" daniel assured. jack nodded his head and gently took alex's pants off and handed them to daniel.

he took the dirty diaper off, and set it to the side. "you'll want to wipe all around, with these. they're gentle and they won't leave rashes." daniel explained, handing him some wipes.

jack did as told, then looked at daniel. and smiled and nodded his head. "put the diaper on him and you're done. you're going to be fine, jack."

while jack put the diaper on him, daniel threw out the dirty one and washed his hands. he picked alex back up, and left jack alone while he washed his hands.

he changed alex into some pajamas and rocked him back to sleep. zach was in the small kitchen, leaning against the counter while he waited for jack.

morgan was fast asleep, same as corbyn. jack came out of the bathroom right when daniel put alex down. he went straight to zach, and hugged him tight.

zach chuckled softly and kissed his curls. "let's go, princess."

zach waved daniel a goodbye before leaving the hotel room. daniel turned off all the lights and locked the room door before slipping back into bed with corbyn.

the older boy found daniel's found quickly, cuddling back up against him. daniel wrapped his arms around his shoulders and kissed his eyes. he closed his eyes, and fell asleep.



ngl pennywise is a funny fucker 🤷‍♀️ and, this was. a pointless chapter? lol

 a pointless chapter? lol

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