fifty three

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remember that the timeline is off from the actual tour dates 💘



it was now april, the boys heading over to europe. alex was sleeping in daniel's arms. his baby boy got so big, he wants to fucking cry.

morgan, according to ashley, has gotten a lot more confident in her appearance, and she's slowly but surely breaking out of her shy shell. morgan was messing around with corbyn, while they waited to board the plane.

daniel was relaxed on his phone, when a few teenagers came up to him. he looked up and smiled softly. corbyn and eben watched closely.

"hi um.. can we get a picture?" one of them asked quietly. daniel nodded his head and slowly sat up, careful not to wake his baby. "if-if it's too much trouble—"

"it's not." he assured, nodding his head over to jonah so he could take alex, since corbyn was watching morgan. he quickly walked over, first hugging the girls (and one boy) before taking the sleeping alex out of daniel's arms.

one of the girls extended her arms to take the selfie. her hands were shaking, she was nervous. it's daniel seavey, after all.

"my hands are so shaky, i'm sorry." she apologized quickly. daniel shook his head.

"don't apologize. i'll take the picture, it's okay." he said gently. the two switched so he was on the side to get all four teenagers in the picture.

when he took the picture, he gave her the phone back. she thanked him. "so where are you guys heading?"

"oh, um, we're on a school field trip to germany for band. it's our out of country trip since we're seniors." the redhead said, the three others nodding their heads.

"that's sick." daniel grinned. he crossed his arms over his stomach, swaying gently. "what do you guys play?"

"i'm in percussion so i do a bunch of random shit." one of the girls said. "little stevie over here plays bassoon. one of the few in our school."

"i understand why." daniel chuckled, looking at the smaller boy. the other two girls told daniel what they played, which was flute and clarinet.

daniel made conversation with them until their teacher called them over because they were all going to get something to eat. daniel hugged each of them, and watched them leave to their teacher.

once they were with her, daniel sat beside corbyn with a heavy sigh, he picked up morgan from the ground.

"are you okay?" morgan asked quietly, her eyes fighting to stay open. he smiled down at her.

"i am, baby. go to sleep."

she crawled out of his lap and curled up on her own chair, quickly falling asleep. she was next to jack, who was currently 2 months pregnant. jack was resting his head on zach's shoulder, his pillow covering his stomach.

corbyn interlaced their fingers together. daniel looked over at corbyn and smiled gently. corbyn let his head fall against daniel's shoulder. daniel kissed the top of his head and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

when their flight was called, daniel picked his things up and then picked up morgan since she was sleeping. they were in section A, so they went in first, after the disabled.

when they were all seated, alex's small cot was against the wall of the plane, daniel next to him. morgan was sandwiched between him and corbyn.

daniel set the baby down on his back, covering him with his blanket that bryana made him. daniel set his hand on his stomach after he buckled up.

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